We should save MSX and everything about it, shouldn't we?!

By eimaster

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24-11-2016, 14:33

As an MSX lover i think that we should keep it alive for as many years as we could along with as much as we could get of its software especially the original software since lots have precious memories with it, and also it is important as a work of achieving it just if we travell back in time to find everything just like we used to be.
Im saying that because i couldn't find any MSX CP/M operating system here in the DOWNLOAD section! So why it isn't there?!

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By rderooy

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24-11-2016, 16:10

Generally because of copyright. The current rights owners would have to give permission.

It seems Caldera aquired Digital Research, and they released in 2001 the CP/M source code under a BSD-like license (this was before Caldera became SCO...). But releasing the latest version under an open source license does not mean older versions are also free.

However, the MSX version was published (and possibly ported?) by RVS, so they may have a say also. Still you could always try to compile CP/M yourself... Or google a bit and your sure to find it.

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