What did you think of Tilburg?

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By anonymous

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25-04-2004, 18:46

I'd hate not to be able to visit a fair just because people think it's funny to pick a location that's 35 minutes away from the nearest train station...
Some people think it's funny to point fingers... -.-;;;

By FiXato

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25-04-2004, 19:48

Oss (january), Almelo (april), Bussum (september) .. nicely spread accross the Netherlands - but what does that change to any foreign people here? Nothing, hold it in Maastricht, Groningen or wherever you like, those places are a pain to reach if you have to travel by car or by train if you are outside of the country... Paris would be nicely centered in Europe Smile))
if it would be organised outside the Netherlands, I think most of the Dutch visitors and groups would drop out...
people are already not comfortable with most locations in the Netherlands.. imagine when they would be outside the Netherlands... not only to speak of the travelling costs..
AFAIK the only reasonably active countries in Europe would be the Netherlands, Spain (which already has it's own fair which is not quite visited by Dutchies), Italy and France.
Though France would be more central to those countries than the Netherlands, I still think that it would be too far away for the foreigners, including Dutchies.

By BiFi

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25-04-2004, 20:11

I think a fair in Paris would be very inconvenient for many people who don't know french as most french people have a hard time talking english in France (no offence guys).

I think the Dutchies are very tolerant when it comes to foreign languages in the Netherlands.

By djh1697

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25-04-2004, 20:21

We could have one in England - the English rarely speak many languages - there is little hope of having one in England, not many UK MSXers, and the cost of travel would no doubt put off forgien visitors

By Sonic_aka_T

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25-04-2004, 20:46

Some people think it's funny to point fingers... -.-;;;
I think you can file charges against someone like that. It falls under the sexual harassment act. Especially if they then winked at you...

By msxgamesbox

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25-04-2004, 21:04

let me guess... and it's a coincidence as you live in Paris, right? Wink

nope, Brussels... but my comment was not about annoying anyone here... but I think that it would be nice for once that some MSX meeting organised somewhere else than Holland, Italy or Spain... Travel is of course of importance and where Italy & Spain might be a bit too far for most of the people reading this message board, I could very much have some great fun in Paris (just to name a nice place, could also be London, Berlin...) combining a bit of MSX hobby and travel / tourism...

I have tried to organise something in France (yes, I like very much France and French MSXers who are extremely enthusiast about this old/dead system) - but you're right it is freaking hard to do it in such a large country with not so many active users.

Last thing, the initial comment of having the fairs more spread out through Holland irritated me because I assume most of the people here do not live in Holland and thus the argument do not concern most of us, except increasing the feeling of exclusion.

MSX is a myth in Holland, maybe - but MSX lived thanks to all over Europe (and elsewhere) and it would just be pleasant to involve everyone.


By sunrise

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25-04-2004, 21:30

It was very pleasant to see improvements.
Everyone had the space they needed. No empty sight ..
Exctra service from CGV since they lend us a monitor.
I would perhaps go to Almelo but I prefer pesonally more something around Utrecht or AMsterdam. But that is up to Tilburg if they want to continue.
Oss is e.g. very attractive for programmers or small groups that cannot pay a high price for a booth. What is the case in Tilburg.
Also the existing clubs and programmers must realise that if you bring something new announce it on your own webpage /mrc

I find the greatest failure of CGV is that they donot regain the interest of foreign visitors and potential boothholders as they even claim in the CGV magazine that they have international interest, what is absolutely not the case.
My swiss friends I have seen for a few minutes ,some french guys and a belgian.
But that was all.
Do I miss somebody?

By RemcoZ

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25-04-2004, 21:36

I think the fair was ok. For me it was a chance to see some people of MRC whom I didn't met before. And to say hi to some familair people. Quite nice. Keep it up!

By Sonic_aka_T

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27-04-2004, 19:53

Did we meet too?

By [D-Tail]

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27-04-2004, 20:37

I think the fair was ok. For me it was a chance to see some people of MRC whom I didn't met before. And to say hi to some familair people. Quite nice. Keep it up!

Nice to see you again, RemcoZ! Although we usually do that once in a week Smile As for me, it's great here, what with my newly acquired Princess Maker, Xak III, DragonSlayer III and original FM-PAC Smile

Heh, just had to mention it Wink

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