What happend to SOLiD and Novatec?

By dhau

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22-05-2004, 18:39

I am curious what happend to Erog "SOLiD" Voznesensky and other Novatec folks?

I hope they are fine Smile

Are you guys reading this?

Or you moved on to something more interesting long time ago?

Just curious...

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By snout

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22-05-2004, 18:41

What could possibly be more interesting than MSX? Tongue Tongue

By BiFi

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22-05-2004, 18:43

More MSX'es? Tongue

By dhau

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22-05-2004, 18:43

Mmm, different people have different interests Smile

logic design, robotics, coding for Palm, high end graphic design, toying with Linux/*BSD, cycling, rock band, clubing, hiking, skiing, producing in showbiz etc.

By dhau

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22-05-2004, 18:52

I just did some research on internet, and found some incredible information:


From: Diego Couto <dcouto@unisys.com.br>
  To  : Multiple recipients of list <msxbr-l@dcce.ibilce.unesp.br>
  Date: Thu, 19 Nov 1998 02:20:11 -0200

+ uma !!!!
Date: Sat, 18 May 96 00:07:26 +0400 (GMT+0400) From:
(Egor G. Voznesensky) To: msx@stack.urc.tue.nl
Subject: MSX380 information
Sender: owner-msx@stack.urc.tue.nl
Precedence: bulk

Hi Everybody!

The current state of MSX380 project.
The project (finally!) is finished. The final revision of
the board went
to production, and we are awaiting for the new boards. All
bugs seem to be

Now the specification of the final revision:
Z380 CPU at 18 MHz, one wait state memory operation.
ONE socket for a 72-pin SIMM; 4M, 8M and 16M SIMMs
ONE spare place for a 72-pin SIMM socket (not installed)
128K (2x27512)
ROM containing new BIOS, new SUBROM,
DISK BIOS and some other fitted software.
IDE interface.
Feature connector for future expansion.
1K non-volatile memory
All glue hardware is made using one gate array VLSI.

The board is mounted piggy-back on the existing Z80.
If the board cannot be placed in such a way, it can be
connected to Z80
with the wires up to 30 cm in length.

The board is rated approx. 3500 Dhrystones by the Dhrystone
ver. 1.0
compiled by SOLID C Compiler. This is more than two times
VAX 11/780 :)

Other news from our hardware design group:
Z180 accelerator (20 and 33 MHz)
Features 256K, 1M or 4M SIMM memory, IDE interface, DMA,
RS-232 channel.
Dhrystone performance: 1700 for 20 MHz, 2200 for 33 MHz

MPEG decoder
Features full audio-video MPEG decoder with CCube480 decoder
If an MSX supplies it with 150K/sec of data stream, shows
MPEG movie.
Can also be used to show truecolor still-video pictures.

Magic VRAM
A board to extend MSX2/2+ VRAM to 512 Kbytes. 8 pages in
screen 8!
The research is done to add a SVGA RAMDAC palette chip to it
to allow
truecolor palette in screen 8.


More information of above mentioned products from: Egor G.

Whats up?, Egor ;)...


Cade meus reais !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


By flyguille

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22-05-2004, 19:01

i think that is that develop from brazil....how was named? CIEL somethink
the problems is the cost and the source of the vdp and think like that

and ofcourse a z380 is not a z80!!!!

By dhau

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22-05-2004, 21:21

The guy was russian, he and his friends made a lot of stuff in 1996-1999:

- VGA scan-doubler for MSX
- IDE controller that works with MSX-DOS1
- Z380 and Z180 accelerators
- GUI toolkit and a prototype OS based on it
- SOLiD C compiller

and more...

And then they just disappeared. Too bad.

By dhau

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22-05-2004, 21:25

Here is the page: http://www.getbanner.ru/novatec/index.htm

But many links are broken. For example links to schematics and PLD code for universal MegaROM emulator cartridge

By Sonic_aka_T

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24-05-2004, 02:45

Too bad they left the scene... It looked like they were going to do a lot of neat stuff... Didn't they make up the MSX rating system also? You know, the web-counter thingy? I liked that... Ofcourse I seem to be the only one... Tongue

By pitpan

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24-05-2004, 03:11

Do not forget his excellent assembler and linker for MSX-DOS. Incredibly good!

AS80 and LD produce code/executables for Z80/Z180 and R800. Not bad, uh?

By dhau

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24-05-2004, 17:41

Is this assembler / linker somehow better then GEN80 2.04?

I like GEN80 a lot.