What happened with TEDDYWAREZ?

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By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (118)

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13-01-2003, 09:08

I have visited a month ago and today the TEDDYWAREZ (You know, Guru Logic...) page and they are very strange people!!

I know some groups have stop making msx games or programs... but they don't insult the MSX!!!I have visited a month ago and today the TEDDYWAREZ (You know, Guru Logic...) page and they are very strange people!!

I know some groups have stop making msx games or programs... but they don't insult the MSX!!! I know also the MSX is not now a commercial success, but THEY MUST know that in our houses and minds, the MSX IS NOT DEAD.

In Spain there is an ex-msx only group (now a very good vintage systems group) named Matra. They are not against MSX!! They support it very good!! Why TwZ don't make the same work?

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By DarQ

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13-01-2003, 13:02

Huh? The teddy's are strange indeed but what does it have to do with insulting MSX? Do they do that? I dont believe so.

BTW: Strange people rock!

By questionmark

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13-01-2003, 18:04

I don't know, but when you say MSX IS DEAD and you kill all your MSX programs... I think is something like insult the MSX. I'm also a strange person... BUT MSXER! Evil

By DarQ

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13-01-2003, 19:15

everyone has his own habits. you would find me weird as well i think.

By Arjan

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14-01-2003, 21:11

You can have long discussions on whether MSX is dead or not. Basically it all depends on you define 'dead'. Commercially, MSX is (was?) dead, but that doesn't mean we don't have to like the system anymore!

Anyways, the TwZ-people are strange indeed but they don't mean to insult MSX. Also, they're still active for MSX, although not as active as before. AFAIK only Chaos is still developing software for the MSX.

By snout

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16-01-2003, 01:45

Chaos is still active on MSX (hey chaos, you read this forum, right? reply! we won't bite!!), Fader is active on PC now. Working on a popup stopper called MagicKillah (link). Don't know about the rest of the dudes. The site... well it is strange indead, and looking at the activity around the globe... MSX is much more alive than it was 4 years ago. But still, the humor on this site kinda fits into tha TwZ history I guess.

By ro

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16-01-2003, 09:01

while checking the link, I came across this line:

"Does MagicKillah use lots of CPU-power or memory?

No. MagicKillah uses almost no CPU-power and about 5 megs of RAM. It takes up about 4 megs of harddisk-space. "

Whooah, and you dare say NO to that question? Tongue

sniff, I remember good'ol days where 50KB mem was already HUGE for applics, not to mention 720KB of Disk data was enough to store good stuff on to.


Thaz what's really the problem these days.. .Who cares if the program gets huge, just buy more memory.. (send your money, fuck you buddy!)

That same attitude is what killed the fun of programming for me in general (see, that's why I don't do windows coding these days) It's just that we, MSX coders, have learned to gain the best out of less.

Think about it, we had/did:

No spaghetti coding (or atleast, less)

Fast routines

Smart data handling

Creative thinking

Making solutions for what was thought to be impossible (again creative thinking!)

Handmade, so REAL knowledge was necessary

Appreciation, which might be the biggest of all.

all that is what we learned on our beloved 'little' computer system.

And see what happens now..

No one cares about arguments mentioned above, or so it seems. Hell, we've got the cash and therefor the hardware to NOT care about that anymore...

Sorry, I'm just an old fool who cares too much...

will the real slim coder please stand up!

By questionmark

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16-01-2003, 10:06

I know the Totally Wicked Zebra is a very funny page, but I didn't wanted the controversial around my message. Actually, I think say that they are insulting the MSX is a bit hard... but they don't want to explain why the change of mind, why "MSX IS DEAD", why only PC PROGRAMS???, I think RO is right.

I am also a coder of vintage systems (MSX, Speccy, CPC, ...). I know what I was saying in my first message.

I didn't want also to insult former Teddywarez. I like very much their games and I have bought all their games... THANKS TWZ. But keep on mind that MSX IS NOT DEAD! Work on it like MATRANET! They are ex-msx coders... but they support MSX (And other vintage systems).

I wanted the truth only. Smile Smile

By DarQ

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16-01-2003, 10:11

a pop-up killah? How sad, there are hundreds of similar apps. It does not mean that fader is sad but i mean, there is nothing left to program anymore on PC and co. Everything has been made already except for the HUGE (read: too big for 1 coder) projects....

THAT's sad....

By wolf_

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16-01-2003, 11:13

heya RO... 100% agree... BUT:

There's a difference between fun-coding and pro-coding. Pro-coding means that you code for a company, meaning that a product should be done in time.. if that means 'wasting' alot of mem/cpu, then so be it. I spoke to alot of pro-coders, they all wanted to optimize 100% if they had the time for it.

And to qoute a phrase from Savage (an old phonecall): "if it looks good on an msx, it's a trick"

anyway... still agree with the point you made.. Wink

By snout

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16-01-2003, 11:33

There's another thing that keeps pro-coders from optimizing: (in)compatibility. Standardized systems like MSX are highly suitable for extreme optimization. The new one-chipper (no matter how high or low its specs are) will be so as well. Of course, the lower the specs, the more challenging some things can be. But in general, I think we will be better off with somewhat higher specs this time. (If you feel the urge to reply to this, do so in a different topic.)

Back to TeddyWareZ: Not dead yet, but less alive than before. Wink

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