What happened with TEDDYWAREZ?

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By ro

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16-01-2003, 12:11

yeah, I agree with the 'time' argument... (gheh, I remember certain projects never to be finished IN TIME ).

But my point really is, lotsa coders getting lazy or anything.

They tend to get sloppy, not knowing EXACTLY what's up, small focused (read: if it works, don't touch it)

I've seen some shitty code the last years, even HTML (which is soo damn e.z.) seems to be a language ppl manage to fuck up. Okay, I'm talking about the newbies probably.

It just scares me to read 'only takes up 5 meg of memory'.

I say to myself: hmm, that's a fucking lot dude!

But, again, since I do *NOT* make windows code, I really haven't got a clue what I'm talking about. It's more the concern for lazy coding.

Ofcourse I am a controlfreak, so there you have it. I tend to overreact from time to time.

Nevermind the babling, I just cry my hard out here...

(savage might be right on that piont wolfie. ps what happened to your golden... eh, nevermind)

By BiFi

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27-02-2003, 10:09

TeddyWareZ is continuing in a different setting. Fader doesn't do any MSX coding anymore and Chaos still does (come on Chaos, join the discussion. You'd be the best person to explain all this. A system can't die. Not as long as there are still people actively doing stuff with and for it.

By chaos

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14-03-2003, 15:04

Okay, I'm at work.. it's friday-afternoon, the sun is shining, I'm all alone in this room
so I don't feel like doing much work anymore. Wink

That's why I'm now going to write a little story about TeddyWareZ (TwZ)
I dunno if you're interested, but I just wanna share this text.
And some people asked me to tell something about what happened with TwZ.

The Past

Since our childhood d-fader and I have been busy with MSX.
In the beginning not even knowing about other people still using their MSX'es.
We played games, programmed in basic and showed eachother the results.

I think it must have been around 1994 we came to know there was still some kind of an MSX scene. 'Still fairs? new hardware? even magazines, games and demos were still being made by a fanatic amateur-scene!!' We couldn't believe it.
And I don't know about d-fader, but when I saw those demo's made in the early 90's, the
only thing I could think of was: wow.. I wanna do this to!

The upcoming years, MSX played an even bigger role in our lives: 'Who needs
education?, we wanna MSX!' Smile

So in 1997 we founded (together with some friends like Hexx) a 'real' MSX group: TeddyWareZ. The year after that 'Teddy's in Action' (demo/musicdisk) was released.
We were very proud, reviews were good, ppl seemed to be really interested in our software. It gave us so much inspiration we came up with tons of new idea's for more projects. In 1999 Blue Crystal joined us, he helped us with GFX and did some coding.

Until 2000 we kept on actively producing MSX software. (musicdisks/demo's/utils)
And boy oh boy, we've had so much fun. A lot of crazy things happened during those years.

But unfortunately the crew lost it's interest in MSX.
I think most of the ex-msx'ers do have the same reasons for this loss of interest:
- jobs/school
- getting older and more serious (this doesn't count for us btw)
- less free time
- girlfriends/family
- personal computers / internet
- seeing other ppl quit MSX
- seeing clubs/magazines (MCCM)/groups etc. quit with MSX
- decrease of fairs/fairvisitors and booths
- etc.

Beside these reasons TwZ also lost interest because the interest in TwZ seemed
to be gone. One thing we always loved was getting response to our products and reading
reviews of them. But all diskmags, and almost all magazines disappeared, so no more reviews. Also, our latest products did not sell anymore and we hardly received any comments on them. (tnx for the ppl who did react Wink)

After 2000 I was actually the only active TeddyWareZ member left in the MSX-scene.
D-fader did make 'Chaos Assembler 3' the cross asm., but he was not really interested
in creating software for MSX hardware anymore. I used Chaos Assembler for making push'em, teddy's in action 2 and guru logic. Sure, it was fun to make these programs (and
I did enjoy working with some new MSX friends like BiFi, who helped me quite much these
years (tnx Bifi Smile), but I also missed the days working with the rest of the TwZ team.

After a night of partying with d-fader in our town called Assen we talked a bit about MSX.
We realized the whole TeddyWareZ team would never come together again for making MSX software. It was something of the past. That's why MSX was dead for us.
So in a non-sober condition we decided to change the content of the TwZ page.
The next day I already regretted this, but since we didn't receive much reactions
about it, I didn't feel the need to change it back again.

TeddyWareZ is history, but no way I can leave MSX behind. Especially not after
something which happened to me last year (no, I can't talk about it yet Wink)
The MSX-feeling in me still lives. Sure, it's different than a few years ago, but
now and then I still got that MSX-mood, and then I decide to get busy. (a result
of this is e.g. the xmas 2002 demo)

Oh yeah, there will actually be one more semi-TeddyWareZ project.
Together with TNI and Snout I'm working on something quite big.
And since it started as a TeddyWareZ project I will use this name one more time.
I hope we can finish the big project soon. It's really going to be quite something Imho.

I'll also change the content of the TeddyWareZ page again. Just so you can download
our released stuff.

Future? hmm.. I still have plenty of game-ideas I'd like to work out
So I'll probably join or start a (new) MSX crew. I know the MSX-scene is getting small,
and I won't reach a big audience with upcoming projects, but that doesn't matter to me
anymore. I'll keep on MSX'ing just because MSX rules! and that's the way it is Wink


By wolf_

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15-03-2003, 00:03

that last alinea sound all too familliar Smile

from an artist (gfx/music) point of view:
Ideas are like skin! You need bones, blood and organs to give the skin shape!

and from a coders point of view:
Engines are like bones, organs and blood.. without skin it's just laying on the floor, and rotting away..

Anyone with a gold mysterious-looking toybox here?

By snout

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18-03-2003, 11:46

Heya Chaos, thanks for clarifying the story behind the weird TwZ page Wink

By questionmark

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24-03-2003, 12:52

Hi to all!

Chaos! I have read your reasons and also visited your page.... I am sorry if I had been so hard. I was a bit angry... but your words are true and reasonable.

I am enjoying GURU LOGIC and I want to congratulate you for all your works.

I think that now you're right!!!

Thanks, Teddywarez.

By Latok

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24-03-2003, 15:01

Anyone with a gold mysterious-looking toybox here?

You mean a girl?

By anonymous

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24-03-2003, 16:47

Dunno what material you think girls are made of, but I don't think it's gold ;P

By snout

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27-03-2003, 15:46

I like the new TwZ page Wink

By chaos

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02-04-2003, 14:56

Anyone with a gold mysterious-looking toybox here?

Hey wolf... I'm still wondering what you mean with this Wink

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