What MSX games use analog stick?

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By gdx

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06-01-2019, 09:20

There is a nice solution to play with an analog joystick by using the JoySNES with 8bitdo Retro Receiver for SNES and a playstation 3/4 controller. It works fine with all games. I think the analog stick of 8bitdo controllers also work. JoySNES seems sill to be on sale.

By Edevaldo

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06-01-2019, 23:16

I always thought that analog sticks for the MSX would be seen as 2 paddles, one for each axis.

By sd_snatcher

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12-01-2020, 16:57

I've seen some confusion about what an "analog stick" is. In a nutshell, an analog stick is one that can supply a wider range of angles than just binary up/down/left/right buttons.

Now, interface is a different thing. The IBM-PC DA-15, Apple II and Atari-2600 featured real analog pins on their joystick port. But that approach was obsoleted because it was very imprecise and required calibration.

All modern "analog" controllers feature the same approach that was used for the Playstation Dual-Analog controllers: they do the A/D conversion internally, then transmit the offsets digitally to the computer via some standardised protocol. This approach is much more precise, reliable and as you all probably have experienced, require no software calibration. All controllers come pre-calibrated from factory.

I believe this is why the have chosen to adopt the digital interface approach for the MSX devices, including the MSX paddles and MSX-Touchpad. Curiously enough, the Turbo-R system-timer has the exact timing to deal with the MSX-Paddles, and I believe that this was no coincidence. They probably went out of time to code new drivers on the BIOS, as it was a very rushed release. I took advantage of the system-timer to code the new paddle drivers on the TRnewdrv, so now the paddles protocol work perfectly regardless of the CPU speed.

hamlet wrote:

Of course, it is certainly possible to write special software that can query analog sticks like paddles, trackballs. The user base alone is quite small I guess. But this is possible.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we had a library that implements support for a plethora of analog controller protocols...? ;)
(hint, hint)

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