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By Owow

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19-06-2022, 19:26

Im dyslexic .a few yrs ago .a guy 30m .for a small bowl .the reason he paid that much .is he beleaves its more than just a bowl .the bowl was made and fired ,at a site in japan ,that became the royal.kilms .these bowls were sort after 100s of yrs ago buy kings and emperiores ..the japanese have history of powerfull spirts .that bring luck .they are only myths now .but thier is gov documents that talk about them as tho thier real..i know thier real...and i belease the msx .were made in a area were the same special power ,that the bowl holds .these machines hold .some think more .as its clear that thier is some think more about them .as you all worship them .i have one its like new it came from japan .i paid 15 dollars for it ..i didnt know what it was ..till i decided to sell it .and saw all the interst in them .now im curice to see what it does . The guy who paid 30m .for the small bowl .who beleaves its more than just a bowl .might be right .as he had 30m spare to buy it .and thought nothink of the price ..

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By aoineko

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20-06-2022, 00:53

Personally, I don't think the price of something reflects its true value.