Where has the gameplay gone?

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By Maggoo

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25-04-2003, 14:32

Think of how many hundreds of thousands of games were already created for the PC. And think of how many are REALLY good. I didn't even get up to 10.

I was more thinking of the new generation game consoles, not PC. To me PC is not really a game machine, it's more of a word processor / browser that also does game. I only played few PC games compared to the ones I tried on MSX but still I could name a few games on PC I really enjoyed:

* Indiana Jones (the adventure game).
* Days of the Tentacle
* Monkey Island I & II
* Sam & Max
* X-com, X-com Terror from the deep
* Doom II / Quake (in network mode mostly)
* Red Alert 2
* Sim City I/II/III
* Ages of Empire
* Civilization I & II
* Driver

By snout

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25-04-2003, 14:42

hehe Lucasarts rulez indeed. Wink

By konamiman

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25-04-2003, 20:27

Good PC games? I can remember only five PC games I have played until finishing them (and for sure I have enjoyed with them): Another World, Flashback, Rick Dangerous 2, Prince of Persia and Turrican 2 (well, the last one is a conversion from Amiga, but a PC game anyway). All of them 2D, and all of them quite old.

Moraleja: IMHO, the computer games world died about ten years ago, and nowadays we have only 3D zombies.

By snout

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27-04-2003, 12:31

LOL... 3d zombies.. how very true.

the problem is, there ARE some good games out there, even 3D ones. (Max Payne wasn't bad for instance, it had a nice storyline going on). However, the most of them are released in Japan only (The YS RPGs), because ''people in charge'' think those games won't sell abroad....

By FiXato

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30-04-2003, 23:06

In my opinion I think the space on a cd or cartridge (do they still use them....?) could better be used for MORE and BETTER music and longer/more levels/worlds/characters than the crappy 3D worlds.
When I play a game I want to escape the real world, I do not want to be taken into another crappy 3D world with guns, war and shit. There is enough of that out there.
Playing a game should stimulate my fantasy and imagination. I want to create my own world with it, not watch something that is created for me.
I want to get dragged away by fabulous music, rythms and tunes that won't escape my head for days.
I want to be amazed by the work someone did pixeling 2D backgrounds and 2D monsters. Let them create 3D realistic 2D images with pixels.
Think of terrific storylines that keep you busy for weeks/months and that astonish and move/touch me. Stories that make you think and wonder.
Create simple worlds that are hard to tackle and that really need some thinking.
A personal favorite of mine for the SNES still is Lufia2 : Rise of the Sinistrals. Very good gameplay, worlds full with puzzles, great emotional storyline, good enough music.

I think that is why I still love MSX. It has some great music. It doesn't have the capability of 3D & massic storage and therefore the developers really need to work hard to make it look good and work fast. Time has to be spend making it. It makes a product worthwhile! Not the endless postponing like games liek Duke Nukem Forever (or should I say Never, not that I care though...). Ok we have to wait some time for games (for example Bombaman), but the result is something that is worth it! Something that keeps you playing the games for years. Games like Nemesis, YS, MG, SD Snatcher, Tetris, pacman. they keep you focused on what really matters, the gamep[lay and fun/joy they bring.

It is not all about graphics, surround, realism and stuff like that!
F*ck polygons! 2D rules! Like a mate of mine, akrilico (who makes terrific PC artwork) always says: Hail to 2D! Dare to create!
So if I may add to that: Hail 2 GAMEPLAY!

just my 2 cents...

By Ivan

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01-05-2003, 18:30

I don't completely agree with what is being said in this thread. In the good old MSX days a lot of crap was produced also. The aacko products were not all that great and, I can still remember the games (also some big licences : Batman, etc...) made in Spain and ported directly from the Spectrum. Many of those games were terrible and I think we were lucky that the MSX was popular in Japan were games developper had (and still have) a better and more professional approach of game development. Out of the thousands MSX games produced, maybe 10% (200/300) are really worth it (which isn't bad at all, don't get me wrong).

I do agree that almost all MSX1 games produced by Spanish software companies (Dinamic, Opera, Topo, Zigurat, ...) and almost all Anglo-Saxon games were directly converted from the Spectrum (and these last ones where expressly converted mainly for the Spanish market). But even so some of them are really cool (not all Spectrum games were bad).

What we have today, in the PC/consoles world, is genuine 3D bullshit.

By the way, take a look at these Spanish games: Livingstone Supongo, Goody, Cosa Nostra and Last Mission (all of them from Opera Soft). The first two games (Livingstone and Goody) even have their own MSX2 version. Then take a look at the rest of 8/16 bit versions of these games and compare...


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