Who or what 'killed' the MSX?

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By anonymous

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13-09-2003, 19:48

In one Ikeda Prints it was mentioned that Nishi was a good engineer but not a good businessman who can market his MSX well and make it a real rival.

By Niles

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13-09-2003, 20:14

>>mind you insist comparing MSX "powered" machines (tMSX+V9999+Moonsound etc...) with some kind of "ISA VGA Pentium IV" O_o <<
Maybe you should joke less and read better!
You were the one who brought up the Pentium IV in the first place. And I never compared any MSX with a ISA VGA Pentium IV.

as your wishes

Posted: September 12 2003, 21:11
msx professional
Bullshit. The combination with the MSX VDP is exactly what makes it so powerful!
A Pentium IV at 2 GHz will slow down to a crawl on an old ISA VGA card.

The point I'm trying to make is that if you want to compare a MSX with another computer, you should do it as a whole. Otherwise you're just comparing seperate computer chips. (Z80 vs 80x86, V9938 vs VGA)

as whole computers : turbo MSX isn't better than a 486DX, and if were, tMSX probably has only a few houndreds of games and applications, and I finished PA several years ago.

By anonymous

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13-09-2003, 21:01

as whole computers : turbo MSX isn't better than a 486DXNeither did I compare it to a 486DX... *sigh*

By Necron

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14-09-2003, 04:09

Listen guys... Ok... I will admit... it was me... I´VE KILLED THE MSX!!!
Soooooorryyyy... I am so regret!!!! please, forgive me... We had a fight... the things have happened so fast, and there was a knife near, and, and... that is it! I am guilty!

By Niles

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14-09-2003, 13:02

>>as whole computers : turbo MSX isn't better than a 486DX<

I know, this comparation is being made by me Smile

look, nevermind... I'll keep joking anyway Tongue

By snout

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14-09-2003, 13:05

Necron.. thanks for clearing things up Smile Smile Smile

By anonymous

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14-09-2003, 16:17


Does this murder fall under the statute of limitations or do we need to contact a lawyer? Tongue

By ivo

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04-10-2003, 01:16

I think there are a few things that did kill the MSX. First of all MSX never was a global system, it was big in Japan, MSX 1 was available in Europe, but not huge. When the MSX-2 was introduced it didn't get big in the UK, and as most European games are made in the UK, no (or not many) Uk developers did create games for MSX-2. Probably we can say Sony & Philips did kill MSX as they did not succeed in making MSX-2 big.

The installed base in Europe was not enough to keep the system running. When Konami launched Metal Gear in europe they did not sell more than 8.000 copies (that's what i heard). Those small salefigures where also caused by piracy, so piracy did in some way kill MSX-2 in Europe TOO.

Then only the Japanese market remained. However the MSX system was not able to compete with newer systems like the Super Famicom. As Nintendo sold the Super Famicom worldwide, it made a system that was financially much more intesting for publishers and developers. So the success of other systems had impact too. So we can say Nintendo did kill MSX too.

Hmmm, so i guess there are many MSX killers that helped eachother....


By Haohmaru

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06-11-2003, 20:29

GuyveR800 wrote:

MSX was already dead in europe 2 years before MSX2+ was even released. Definitely killed by piracy.

Wow! This means that piracy DOES kill computer systems!

Ok, I'll explain a bit...

Piracy has existed since products that could be pirated/were eligible to be pirated existed. I mean: if you can gain from pirating a product, it will happen. This means roughly anything popular is pirated, ranging from silly baseball hats to computer software.

On computer piracy in perticular:
If piracy CAN kill computer systems, there wouldn't be ANY computer system available today! Think about it: If this were true, there wouldn't have been any computers made after the first sign of piracy all those years ago.

MSX was killed by piracy.

But consider those many computer systems that were produced AFTER the 'death' of MSX. SFC, GBA, DC, PSX, PS2, N64, GC, Xbox...

Okay, at some point you notice a machine not being available in the shop. It's died. But not because of piracy! If you know anything about the computer industry, you know that 'TIME KILLS EVERYTHING!'. I mean, buy a top-of-the-bill, high end PC today, and in a few months it's worthless without another expensive upgrade.

What I mean is: As technology evolves, so do computers. And as long as consumers want the latest thing to play their games/edit their documents/download their porn/etc, computer systems will 'die'.

It's sad to think piracy kills. If that were true, why are you reading this instead of playing a boardgame like monopoly witch your family?

I hope to have made my point (and be clear), if not, don't hesitate to email me or contact me on #msx.

You can find my e-mail address somewhere, I'm positive.


ps. I wrote this to add to this discussion and to express my view. Don't like my opinion? Bad luck. I may not like yours either Wink

By anonymous

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06-11-2003, 21:22

But consider those many computer systems that were produced AFTER the 'death' of MSX. SFC, GBA, DC, PSX, PS2, N64, GC, Xbox...
Everything you name are game console systems. None of them are 'open' like MSX is. It can't be compared.

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