Who's going to Oss?

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By Sonic_aka_T

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06-01-2004, 22:39

Hey, any of you guys gonna go to Oss? I don't wanna be the only one there... Staring at the Sunrise booth and thinking of Stefan Boer... Sad

Team Bomba, you guys gonna be there? (As visitors at least) And my man Ro! Are we gonna have one of those rum-coke's your famous for? Anyways, just wanted to know if I was gonna see some familiar faces there...

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By wolf_

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06-01-2004, 22:40

I guess I am goin' ..

By Sonic_aka_T

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06-01-2004, 22:41

That'd be nice... Maybe we can bother Ro if he shows up! (Or more likely, he'll bother us)

By Argon

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06-01-2004, 22:42

I would love to come, but probably it's not going to be possible Sad
I can't find any Belgian victims to travel with...

If any Belgians read this... I'm from Gent, and I can have a car to drive there...


By Sonic_aka_T

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06-01-2004, 22:45

Yeah, too bad Gent is a bit too far away from where I live... Who would've thought Belgium can be so big Wink You could still go alone tho, it's what? A one and a half hour drive from where you live? For me it's also like 1:15 to get there... Should be nice to have some ppl there...

By sunrise

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06-01-2004, 22:53

Well you have to do it with 'Stefan 's right hand', me and two superb helping hands
2 new games, our very good product Compact Flash , the ESE msx2 in FPGA.
Announcement of prices of the usb-gamereader and SDRAM memorymapper
I think your eyes will become very tired ! Smile
Besides Team Bomba will be by the presentation cause it's Bombaman as one of the new products as regards software

Donot forget your wallet !

By Sonic_aka_T

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06-01-2004, 22:58

Apart from bringing my wallet I'll even try and see if I can get my hands on some money to put in there... Wink How much is Bomba anyways?

P.S. I do find the whole "Stefan's right hand" thing a little scary... I guess I won't be shaking yours... oO

Okay, now I'm just being sad... I'm sorry, I think it's the sleep depravation from translating all those damn newsposts...

By Sonic_aka_T

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06-01-2004, 23:50

So, it's going to be Me, Wolf, Sunrise and Jorrith at Oss? That is gonna be sad.. Come on folks! Let the world know you're going...

By snout

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06-01-2004, 23:52

Needless to say, the entire MRC admin-crew will be there with a nice booth

By legacy

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07-01-2004, 00:19

And I planning to, going to OSS.

By Sonic_aka_T

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07-01-2004, 00:51

Okay, so now there's 10 of us... ; ) Still not the massive response I was hoping for... But hey, I guess I'll go anyways...

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