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By ren

Paragon (1155)

ren's picture

08-01-2018, 17:40

Looking good!

Perhaps some musician(s) reading/following this might get inspired and create some EM inspired tune(s)? (*hinthintwinkwink*)

Have you thought about possible (future) obstruction by copyright holders?

By Fresh

Expert (84)

Fresh's picture

10-01-2018, 23:01

Yes, I have. I am mostly in it for the learning experience, so If I have to take the game offline, it won’t be the end of the world for me.

By Randam Hajile

Resident (37)

Randam Hajile's picture

21-01-2018, 17:08

Nice to see this still going along. It keeps getting better and better!

I don't think there's a large risk of the copyrightholders objecting to fan-made stuff like this, especially since these games are practically abandonware. Unless there's a commercial intent behind it.

By Fresh

Expert (84)

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12-02-2018, 10:04

Development is going stronger than ever and I have a lot of momentum. A bit too much if you ask me, since I want to take it to another level with.

- Adventure mode: EM2 style labyrinth, with the original EM1 and EM2 levels and my own levels (still need to design 60 of them). This means that I have developed the hints or "specials" as I call them. So rafting is possible, the magnet to pull blocks, being a ghost and being invincible.
- Editor mode: Create your own levels (I might even make a create your own labyrinth mode).
- Competition mode: Time trials for my levels, the original levels and community created levels.

I'm still having a lot of fun creating stuff, I'm really proud of the engine I have built to run the game on and I'm at a very solid foundation to further build this game on. It would feel half-assed to release something right this minute Smile

By JohnHassink

Ambassador (5348)

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12-02-2018, 10:22

Awesome! Well, just take it easy until you're satisfied, I guess. Smile Even if it sounds like it would already be super fun to play.

By Randam

Paladin (874)

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12-02-2018, 21:41

Hey Fresh, very cool!!!

Are you planning to make it possible to save the levels in a format that can be played on a real msx as well or even as a labyrinth to be played on MSX? If you are, you would seriously make my year...

By Fresh

Expert (84)

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12-02-2018, 22:42

I have decoded the formats of EM1 and EM2, so if the items used are in the game, I could export levels, yes... Getting them in the roms is another challenge, but I think it should be doable. No promises and guarantees Smile

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