ZEN-80 User Manual

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12-04-2018, 17:30


there are available 2 versions of the Assembly User Manual ZEN-80 made by the User AITOR: one in English and another one that he translated into Spanish.

The main problem I see in these manuals is that they have tooo many pages that could be compacted more. I did OCR to the PDFs of those Manuals and obtained Word files in order to manipulate and rewrite them.

Yesterday I was working on the English version of the Manual. At the same tieme I was rewriting the Word file took advantage to compare it with the version scanned version of the user "Hans Ottens ". I have corrected some small mistakes and also added some missing lines, so this version of the Manual in English is finished at 99%. However the Hans Otten version has a poor quality so there are some words and some memory addresses mentioned in the examples that I can understand clearly. :-(

Anyone has the ORIGINAL Manual?. It is just to check and correct my doubts.

Thank you very much and best regards. ;-)

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