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By FarmerPotato

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10-01-2020, 20:16

I'm interested in the history of music programming on the MSX computers.

I'm looking for really good original songs, and classical music. Were there graphic demos with songs by BASIC programmers as well? Where can I find lots of programs or tracks?

In the MSX Music Player sidebar, I'm confused as to which are original game tracks, and which are remixes.

What I do want to know is how far the chips were pushed, even the PSG, but especially the FM voices on chips up to OPL4. Obtaining good FM patches is another need of mine.

I've collected a few that I like from YouTube and learned about some trackers:

Beethoven, Moonlight Sonata

Bach, Fugue in G Minor, BWV578

Masahiko Takaki, Naoto Yagishita,
This one is great. Rastan Saga III. Masahiko Takaki, Naoto Yagishita.
urythmics, Sweet Dreams

Here's a 2610B clip (by the composer of Rastan, Naoto Yagishita)
Staff Roll is interesting

Jeroen Dewort, Rondo de Piano. Moonblaster

Channel Jer

My interest is not just academic. I'm reviving the FORTI composing system on the TI-99/4A, but using Yamaha chips.
FORTI used a card with 4 SN76489 (similar to the AY-8910)
I'm considering the 2608B (OPNA+PCM), YMF-262 (OPL3), and maybe YMF-278 (OPL4) (harder to solder)


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By wolf_

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10-01-2020, 20:58

If you search for (wolf) in that side bar, then all the tracks that have only that name to it are studio covers, except for:
- Sphere
- Mutiny on the Bounty
- Sillycone Christmas
- MediaVentures Clone
- Requiem For Lost OPL4 songs
- Coral 2
- TwZ Xmas 2002
- Digital Snow
- Wings

..which are all OPL4.

Pushing chips did never really mature in the MSX-scene. The only way I pushed the MB-Stereo configuration in the 90's was by smart sound design, hybrids with samples and developing a kind of intuition that told me what was possible and what wasn't. For OPL4 I went insane roads to create maximum effect from a minimum of samples, hence enabling me to include many of such samples. The real magic wasn't created on an MSX, but on a PC in an audio editor. Wink
It would've been far better if trackers would've been better, but alas, they weren't. Or rather, those few trackers that probably did have those possibilities never were very popular. Think about accessing all interrupts without setting the speed to the max (having sub rows between the main rows), think of having multiple events per step etc. Admittedly, not having enough memory in the MSX has probably played a role as well in all this.

Many MSX developers have (had) a tendency to say: "ok, now that we have this, we're satisfied and we'll stick to this" rather than exploring new grounds. Compared to other computer scenes this is a remarkable difference.

By Pac

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11-01-2020, 00:31

Download the Giant MSX music pack from the Worp3 website if you want to enjoy a lot of MSX original music.

By tfh

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11-01-2020, 11:46

You can also find a large music section here:

By thegeps

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12-01-2020, 21:14

You may also want to take a look to arkos tracker

In the package you will find some good example songs (and you can create something too)
I'm actually (temporarily) using one of these songs (originally written by Rob Hubbard for a C64 game, Saboteur 2) as bgm music in the game I'm developing, Freedom Fighter, and it sounds real good (as on SID). See (and listen):

Set video at 720p50 or you'll miss some frames during flickering in reverse SAT