Collection of samples for Vortex Tracker II

By Francisco Telle...

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16-05-2018, 23:02

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for cool samples to create PSG music with Vortex Tracker 2, and I wonder if anyone here has a collection, or knows where to get it. Konami like samples should be very welcomed.

Thank you!

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By JohnHassink

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17-05-2018, 00:25

Hi Francisco.
Didn't the package come with a whole lot of example songs when you downloaded it? Studying them is a good start in understanding how the program works.
Anyway, apart from that - not that I know of. I could explain to you how to create them yourself (including Konami-type sounds), but first I would have to know if you understand the system/philosophy of the "samples" in VT II and if yes, to what extent.


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18-05-2018, 10:06

I see that you can save and edit as text the pt3 files, where samples seems frequency offsets or volume offsets. Are they?

By JohnHassink

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18-05-2018, 14:34

Not as such. They contain frequency and volume data (among other things).

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