How to playback MWM files on non-MSX platforms?

By eimaster

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06-10-2019, 17:20

Why famous Android vgm players such as Droidsound-E and ZXTune can playback most music file formats including MBM files but they both do not understand/playback MWM files?

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By meits

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06-10-2019, 17:50

Up to which degree do those players understand/playback MBM files? Thinking of supported chip(s), choses frequency, samplekit. Music by Dandan is 9 out of 10 times MSX-Audio only and will sound ugly when the default violins of the MSX-Music get played along with it. There's a bit of a 50-50 of 50Hz and 60Hz composers. Compjoetania and Emphasys were 60Hz guys, while the stuff on MB-Muzax (Fuzzy Logic, so Wolf and Hans Cnossen) are 50Hz (since it's on the same "engine", I suspect Umax games to be 50Hz music as well). There is no variable in the MBM file to store this info. The metadata in the MBM file saying which MBK file holds the samples is more often wrong than right. So yes, it surprises me MBM is supported since there are so many factors that can make it go all wrong (and it usually does).
Supporting MWM should be easier on that cuz there's just one chip and frequency is not an issue. Which only leaves the MWK file.
In any case I'd be in favour of the VGM format to cover some of the variables and leave MBM/MWM out of the picture.