IppaiOPLL from Tiny Yarou

By Giangiacomo Zaf...

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04-06-2019, 13:51

A new composing tool MML based for Windows targetting MSX with OPLL x 3 modules is released by Tiny Yarou.

Click here for YT demo and navigate to project page from notes link.

Pretty good stuff. I.M.H.O. :P

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By Parn

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04-06-2019, 16:16

It`s too bad most (all?) non-FM-PAC OPLL cartridges only use port access, so this is kind of out of reach for most people. Sounds very interesting, though!

EDIT: It actually supports up to 10 OPLL chips (1 internal or FM-PAC, all others must be FM-PACs)! Very impressive. And the MML is quite simple and intuitive, and you can define instruments with many different techniques (like register values, parameter values or even MSX-BASIC CALL VOICE COPY format). I just miss an option to use PSG, it would go a long way in enhancing drum sounds.

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

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04-06-2019, 19:04

@Parn Indeed I was captured by the fact it's quite a mature project, I can see It coming from long work, Tiny Yarou started with a simpler demo back in April 2018 and NandeMML composing editor in 2017.