MSX games with CD quality music ?

By Goldlink

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18-09-2018, 23:33

Hello to all,
I'm currently investigating about video game music. I've discovered that in 1989, two games released on MSX by Koei were bundled with a CD audio of the games scores arranged in CD quality music.

Bandit Kings of Ancient China

Nobunaga's Ambition II

You can notice the Compact Disc and the Soundware logos on the game covers. That would mean that the game could be synchronized with the Audio CD to play the CD music instead of the original chiptune music.
I've learnt that that most of CD-Rom drives could be connected to the MSX with an IDE or SCSI adapter (those adapters seem to have been already available in 1989). I would like to know for sure if that really worked, how and since when. Was it really possible for a MSX computer to play CD music inside those games (7 more have been released by Koei until 1992).

Thanks for all kind of confirmations and infos about that !

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