poll:outrun for msx2

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By wimpie3

Champion (368)

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04-09-2019, 15:40

Yes, but no opponents and barely any roadside decoration. But it looks cool, that's for sure.

By PingPong

Prophet (3767)

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04-09-2019, 16:02

It's a demo, opponents are not implemented

By mohai

Paladin (932)

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05-09-2019, 15:02

Looks really cool.
All objects in screen are moving softly, no blockiness is noticed.

By Grauw

Ascended (10068)

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05-09-2019, 18:21

And afaik the MSX is a good bit faster than the TI-99/4A, due to a really convoluted CPU architecture.


The TI-99/4 series uses the 16-bit TMS9900CPU running at 3 MHz. The TMS9900 is based on TI's TI-990 minicomputers. Although the CPU is a full 16-bit processor, only the system ROM and 256 bytes of scratchpad RAM are available on the 16-bit bus. All other memory and peripherals are connected to the CPU through a 16-to-8-bit multiplexer, requiring twice the cycles for any access and introducing an additional 4-cycle wait state.[citation needed]

Only the program counter, status register, and workspace pointer registers are on the chip; all work registers are kept in RAM at an address indicated by the workspace pointer, with 16 registers available at any given time. A context switch instruction changes to another workspace without having to save and restore the registers. There are 256 bytes of "scratchpad" memory for storage of workspaces.

By erpirao

Paragon (1222)

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05-09-2019, 18:33

By PingPong

Prophet (3767)

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05-09-2019, 18:39

would be nice to contact the author to know the tricks.

By mohai

Paladin (932)

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19-10-2019, 22:00

erpirao wrote:

flying shark ti 99

I love what they can still do with a simple TMS VDP.

I am tired of the way this chip was programmed back in the days.
Except some very few games, every MSX-exclusive game (read: Japanese, Netherlands, Spanish ...) was heavily based on tiles and (often) monochrome sprites.
There were some exceptions in other systems with the same VDP chip, such as the Coleco or the Sega SG series.
You can find that dynamic re-definiton of tiles is often used in those systems.
For MSX, smart programming of the VDP chip was not the fashion then, maybe for laziness of programmers or whatever other reason.
In other systems with different (and sometimes less complex) video systems, it was usual to see games not relying on tiles, but on dynamic re-definition to get nice animations or soft scrolls (ZX Spectum, Amstrad CPC ...).

Nowadays, there some demos and games (Ex. Uridium) that nicely do tile banking and re-definition and they get very good results. I wonder why they did not do like that back in the days.

Regarding that Flying Shark ... Anybody dares to convert ? ;)


Enlighted (6550)

ARTRAG's picture

19-10-2019, 22:26

All Rasmus' games are on github
Converting the TMS9900 to Z80 isn't that easy, but Rasmus has done the way back with Knight-lore, porting the zx-spectrum version to TI99/4a
This is his last work

By thegeps

Paladin (863)

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24-10-2019, 23:22

If you are interested in smooth vertical scrolling shoot'em'up I just release a new video of my work in progress project, Freedom Fighter. This time I've added AKG player implementation for music. I used a Rob Hubbard song that is in a folder of Arkos Tracker. I needed to test, cause I had sprites management too hooked in the ISR.



Enlighted (5877)

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25-10-2019, 00:45

OMG, I've seen few previous demos and this looks better and better all the time! It is hard to believe this is not an MSX2 game. IMO the sea would look better on solid color, but other than that... this is just simply great looking stuff!

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