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By treblig

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23-11-2021, 17:26

I'd like to start making music on the MSX1 with the build in sound chip with the help of a composer application. PSG Tracker seems to be a good choice, but I cannot find any manual or tutorial on how to use it. E.g. I cannot figure out how to make patterns and how to compose the patterns into a song. And is there a way to export the song to basic or asm?

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By ToriHino

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23-11-2021, 18:42

Hope this link helps..

By treblig

Resident (59)

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23-11-2021, 18:56

Thank you @ToriHino! This is very useful indeed.

By Latok

msx guru (3972)

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24-11-2021, 11:33

treblig, do you have the replayer and do you know how it works? I could help you out with that...

By Pac

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24-11-2021, 11:51

There are other options based on PC such as Vortex Tracker II and Arkos Tracker 2.

By Jorito

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24-11-2021, 14:20

If you're okay with composing music on a modern computer in stead of the MSX: I personally chose Arkos Tracker 2 because it's cross platform (I'm on a Mac, most trackers are for Windows), and because it's pretty well documented and simple to use. It also comes with a bunch of replayers, also for Z80 (which may need some work depending on the music). But from a user perspective I really like it.

By Grauw

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24-11-2021, 14:26

And if you want to compose on MSX but it doesn’t necessarily need to be MSX1, consider TriloTracker.

By Latok

msx guru (3972)

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24-11-2021, 19:40

And although you are specifically saying you want to compose for the PSG on an MSX1, maybe you want to compose for OPLL on a SG-1000 Mark III computer. Then better use deflemask

:P :P