7MHz MSX Upgrade - Trouble Shooting

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By Protoman

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15-11-2016, 09:27

Test Update:

I added an external 3.58Mhz crystal oscillator compatible with TTL to the S-1985 pin 30 and there is no change in the freezing/ failure to boot issues when enabling 7Mhz. Here is a video of what happens to the computer. https://youtu.be/jtB187Wvdgc

Colemu and RetroTechie, could you guys please share how you solved this sound issue? Thank you so much!

By olliraa

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29-09-2017, 07:40

Did you get this solved Protoman? I would also be very interested to hear how the sound issues with 7Mhz mod were solved Big smile There's a lot of info in this thread, but some parts were not "documented" here? Or have i missed something? I'm having thoughts regarding my MSX2+ modded 8235... Hmm Big smile

By Colemu

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29-09-2017, 14:14

I really wish I could remember but it was too long ago.

I no longer have this machine - sadly Crying

I'm sure some helpful soul on this forum will help you guys...

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