Ademir Carchano Mini-Slot Expander jumpers

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By Gakubuchi

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01-10-2007, 22:56

I have a 4 slot expander from Ademir Carchano (Mini expansor de slot AC03315) that I bought on a fair some years ago. It came with no manual, only the expander and a nice blue bag. I've been using it with no problems but I always wondered what jumpers JP4 and JP5 are for. I know the blue buttons are used to enable/disable an individual slot, but I don't know about the jumpers. They have 3 pins each one, so it has two possibilities. I’ve been searching it on internet with no luck. Sad Anyone knows? Question

The expander I'm talking about is this one:

Bigger resolution:

Thank you!

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By djh1697

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01-10-2007, 23:52

I can't remember the configuration, but, moving the jumpers allows you to use a MegaRAM and SCC in the same expended slot.

By Sd-Snatcher

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02-10-2007, 01:01

> Alguém poderia explicar como funcionam os "jumpers" >existentes no Mini
> Expansor de Slots by Ademir Carchano?

JP1 e JP2
AB = 1 CI 74LS133
BC = 2 CIs 74LS30

Ligado = 5V dos conectores vem do micro
Desligado = 5V dos conectores vem do conector CN6

0 => Pino 4 Conector CN3 = SLTX0
1 => Pino 4 Conector CN3 = SLTX1

2 => Pino 4 Conector CN5 = SLTX2
3 => Pino 4 Conector CN5 = SLTX3

JP4 e JP5 são usados para ligar o SCC junto com a Megaram.


CH1 - Liga/Desliga sinal SLTX0 do conector CN2
CH2 - Liga/Desliga sinal SLTX1 do conector CN3
CH3 - Liga/Desliga sinal SLTX2 do conector CN4
CH4 - Liga/Desliga sinal SLTX3 do conector CN5

LD1 - Aceso direto = CN2 desligado
- Piscando = sinal SLTX0 atuando

LD2 - Aceso direto = CN3 desligado
- Piscando = sinal SLTX1 atuando

LD3 - Aceso direto = CN4 desligado
- Piscando = sinal SLTX2 atuando

LD4 - Aceso direto = CN5 desligado
- Piscando = sinal SLTX3 atuando


By SLotman

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02-10-2007, 01:18

...bip...bip... translating, please stand by... ...bip...bip...

JP1 and JP2
AB = 1 IC 74LS133
BC = 2 ICs 74LS30

On = 5V from machine connectors
OFF = 5V from connectors come from CN6 connector

0 => Pin 4 Connector CN3 = SLTX0
1 => Pin 4 Connector CN3 = SLTX1

2 => Pin 4 Connector CN5 = SLTX2
3 => Pin 4 Connector CN5 = SLTX3

JP4 and JP5 enable the use of SCC together with Megaram.


CH1 - On/Off SLTX0 signal from connector CN2
CH2 - On/Off SLTX1 signal from connector CN3
CH3 - On/Off SLTX2 signal from connector CN4
CH4 - On/Off SLTX3 signal from connector CN5

LD1 - Direct access = CN2 off
- blinking = SLTX0 signal acting

LD2 - Direct access = CN3 off
- blinking = SLTX1 signal acting

LD3 - Direct access = CN4 off
- blinking = SLTX2 signal acting

LD4 - Direct access = CN5 off
- blinking = SLTX3 signal acting

...bip...bip... end of translation *EOF*

By Gakubuchi

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02-10-2007, 22:28

So it has no use for me as I don't have a Megaram! LOL!
Anyway, thank you very much!

By Sd-Snatcher

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03-10-2007, 00:35

You can change the slot without unplug.

By Gakubuchi

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03-10-2007, 12:08

Yep, that's true. I never thought of that! Anyway it mekes me a bit of fear to insert/remove a cartridge without powering off oO

By wolf_

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03-10-2007, 12:24

Anyway it mekes me a bit of fear to insert/remove a cartridge without powering off
> ahum! :P

By Ivan

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07-02-2008, 23:32

Just spotted one Mini-slot expander at eBay:


Get it now!

By rolins

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03-02-2009, 20:38

I want to connect an external power supply to this slot expander. The list of jumpers posted above mentions JP3 and CN6 will provide the external power, but how? I have a +5V 15A power supply that I can use for this. Smile2

By Sd-Snatcher

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03-02-2009, 21:03

According to schema, you have to cut the JP3 bridge and solder power supply to cn6.

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