AgonLight (MSX core)

By Matej

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20-01-2023, 12:30

There is new opensource 8bit RaspberryPI like SBC computer based on real fast eZ80 (128 flash, 8kb sram) 20MHz, 512kb Ram and powerful GPU (32bit risc mcu) - 640 x 480 / 64 colors and sprites, scrolling. And BBC basic + build in dos. And there is expansion slot too Gpio and Uext. And use cheap ps/2 mechanical keyboard. There is also CP/M ported to it.
Price is 50usd/euro simple version(AgonLight2) and 100usd/euro for first version.

Maybe there can be way to:
1.) emulate in esp32 gdp co-processor - V9958 or V9990
2.) do AgonLight MSX-BUS (2x or 4x MSX cartridge for sound, gfx etc) or fm(fmpac/opl4, ay-psg) soundcard with 2x cannon 9 for sega gamepads/joysticks.
3.) implement MSX-Basic + DOS
And to have MSX2 core on it.

Or when even not this maybe do new games, demos, apps MSX -> AgonLight conversions etc. Its very cheap and fast nice little Z80 computer.
It is not so good as beautiful new MSX3 but really nice too!

Here is homepage:


European Manufacturer(50euro version):



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By aoineko

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20-01-2023, 13:20

Waoh! I hope I don't start a controversy, but this is exactly what I had hoped for when Nishi started talking about a new MSX.
A boosted z80, a new VDP and above all no overlay that would deprive us of the direct access to the hardware that makes (from my point of view) all the interest to continue programming on MSX.

I'm a noob in electronics, and I don't know how complicated it would be to change the Agon to be MSX compatible, but it seems to be the closest thing to what I would like to be a new MSX.

By Matej

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20-01-2023, 14:26

@Aoineko - Actually it is open source so can be even redesign motherboard to have cartridge ports and soundchips joysticks and "all in keyboard" design as Omega MSX. It is opensource so can be done! Also mATX board using PC case for example.
Olimex have UEXT soundcard -
With VS1053 soundchip

So maybe have driver in firmware to convert FM music to VS1053 wavetable(there is allready similar cartridge on MSX translating FM to MIDI).

Here is how VS1053 sounds:
Youtube - VS1053 Wavetable - Doom

By Accumulator

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21-01-2023, 13:51

Would it be an option to run ZEAL 8bit OS as well? Zeal 8bit OS
What about Zeal 8bit computer?

By Matej

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23-01-2023, 15:47