And on C64, they get this:

By frederic.markus

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20-04-2022, 19:43

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By hamlet

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20-04-2022, 20:15

More luminance is a good thing! The improved image quality would be tempting.
It's a pity that the VIC logic is not directly in the FPGA. The VIC II itself is quite well analysed (and already implemented in a relatively useful way in the C64DTV and U64, for example).
Unfortunately, the coprocessor is of no use at first with existing software.
The second problem is the C64C cases, which don't close after the board has been installed. But I read, there will be a solution for this.
And not much software has been developed since the release in 2020, so it looks like another isolated solution.
I also would rather see an implemented HDMI output here.

By Briqunullus

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21-04-2022, 13:41

So a bit like the F18A, the 9918 VDP on steroids. It's an awesome project and also some MSX1's have been converted. But there is no software for it. Guess that's the charm of old 8-bit computers. They're all hardware limited and we like it that way.

By Grauw

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21-04-2022, 18:47

If I understand it correctly, it's different from F18A in that it doesn't actually replace the VDP but sits between it and the CPU. This is similar to what the NES mapper chips were able to do.

By AxelStone

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22-04-2022, 11:23

Anyway this is a expansion board, and in MSX we have tons of expansion boards: V9990, OPL4, MM, GR8Net...

By jltursan

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22-04-2022, 12:28

Graphically speaking, no one provides the system with a seamless integration like the beamracer does with the C64.
As Grauw says, being an interface, it offers a really cool and easy way to upgrade the machine capabilities without loosing too much of its original spirit.

By zadokallen

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23-04-2022, 15:09

I follow the C64 scene and have never hear of this board. So I guess they failed to "change everything" Smile

These kinda projects are cool, but mostly suffer from the same fate of lack of software, which is no surprise given small user bases (perhaps even tiny in this case. 130E is no small change).