Any one remember the MSX easy speech - Hardware speech synth

By zoltari

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29-07-2008, 17:31

It was a cart based speech synth - I used to own one which I bought from a small ad in teh back of MSX computing - I think it was £25 back in 1986...

To get it to speak, you used something along the lines of a=usr(0)"words to say"

I don't remember 100% to be honest, but it was rather bad speech, even for the time, but I'd love to replace the one I used to have (it got stolen from a box of stuff in teh back of my car years ago).

Anyway, what I want to know is: Are there any other speech synths around for MSX and does anyone remember this one?

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By legacy

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29-07-2008, 19:48

Here you can find some info about Yamaha CX5M with a speech synth.
And a prog called "Parole" works with the Philips Musicmodule, it talks with a french accent and it's freeware, iirc

By zoltari

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29-07-2008, 21:08

Nice one. Thanks for that!

By k0ga

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30-07-2008, 07:57

There was other cart by Spectravideo called Charlie. it's a funny hardware/software

By mohai

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07-08-2008, 16:10

I once heard that "Charlie" cart and remembered me to "Cobra's arc" game.
This game has a very interesting speech software and sounded very similar to that one.
Someday i will find the main route in this game... Cool