Any one remember the MSX easy speech - Hardware speech synth

By zoltari

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29-07-2008, 17:31

It was a cart based speech synth - I used to own one which I bought from a small ad in teh back of MSX computing - I think it was £25 back in 1986...

To get it to speak, you used something along the lines of a=usr(0)"words to say"

I don't remember 100% to be honest, but it was rather bad speech, even for the time, but I'd love to replace the one I used to have (it got stolen from a box of stuff in teh back of my car years ago).

Anyway, what I want to know is: Are there any other speech synths around for MSX and does anyone remember this one?

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By legacy

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29-07-2008, 19:48

Here you can find some info about Yamaha CX5M with a speech synth.
And a prog called "Parole" works with the Philips Musicmodule, it talks with a french accent and it's freeware, iirc

By zoltari

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29-07-2008, 21:08

Nice one. Thanks for that!

By k0ga

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30-07-2008, 07:57

There was other cart by Spectravideo called Charlie. it's a funny hardware/software

By mohai

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07-08-2008, 16:10

I once heard that "Charlie" cart and remembered me to "Cobra's arc" game.
This game has a very interesting speech software and sounded very similar to that one.
Someday i will find the main route in this game... Cool

By Sylvester

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05-05-2020, 17:18

While cleaning some stuff on my harddrive I found the ROM of Easi-Speech by R.Amy in 1987. But no clue how it works, with most rom types it hangs on the msx intro screen and with some it gets into basic. Also checked the ROM with a hex file editor, but only see the title and copyright text.