The big gathering of MSX Serial numbers topic

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By Bastiaan

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26-04-2013, 20:20

About the HK and FF prefixes. I first though that the FF maybe had something to do with Formosa (taiwan)..
But it says made in Japan, so maybe the HK and the FF are for regions/cities in Japan?

HK = hokkaido
FF = fukoaka

just guessing

By mtn

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24-05-2013, 15:42

SANYO MRS-001 NO. 66300189


have a nice weekend peoples!

By W76NearDark

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12-07-2013, 13:42

FS-A1ST: 1BNME19530 (pics)

By W76NearDark

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12-07-2013, 14:01

Meits wrote:

There's, besides for the fun of it, probably not much use. But maybe, if there's enough serials, some person sees the bigger picture behind them. For example, the Philips Music Modules (NMS 1205) have a serial that starts with HK and on the module it's printed that it's made in Hong Kong. The Philips computers have a serial that starts with FF... Very curious.
Some other manufacturers seem to have an ongoing serial number, look at Sony, where I kinda get the feeling that whatever machine passed through the final stage of assembly got the next free serial... But to make sure, we need more... It might be wiki material if the code is broken Wink

Just a little suggestion: add photos of the actual hardware to the serials. Nowadays many MSX computers are looking somewhat different compared to when they left the factory more than 20 years ago Tongue

By Meits

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12-07-2013, 16:55

They might look worn out, but it's indeed a good idea to place a pic with every model in the list...
Soon I'll update the list again and will see if I can find some suitable pics with them machines...

By W76NearDark

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12-07-2013, 17:26

Not one pic per model, but an actual pic of the machine matching the serial!

By Manuel

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18-07-2013, 22:48

Philips NMS 1150/00 Graphic Tablet: FF00805006962

By nanochess

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20-07-2013, 16:10

Sony HB-F1XDJ. Has a sticker in the bottom back that reads "212847"
National CF-2000. Has a sticker in the center back that reads "Serial No. EP110893"

By Manuel

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27-07-2013, 15:20

Some more serial numbers:

Sony SDC-600S: 409810
Toshiba HX-MU901: 200263
Toshiba HX-64: 211422
Philips VG8230/00: FF 01551010795, but contains another sticker which says: nr. FF 01551
Philips VY0010/00: Nr. FF005 36008284 (the part before the space is fixed)
Philips NMS1210/20: 10032081300
Philips NMS1170/20: 10095273620
Philips NMS1170/20: 10053671920
Philips NMS1150/00: FF008 05007511 (before space is fixed)
Philips NMS1150/00: FF008 19008257

By Retrofan

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27-07-2013, 19:39

Panasonic FS-JM1-H: 9233315

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