Bit Corporation BIT-90 computer

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By Parn

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18-09-2020, 19:57

Very interesting. It looks more primitive than MSX-BASIC but it also has some clever ideas. I like how you can easily redefine characters with it. It's a bit weird that it doesn't seem to use SCREEN 0. Thanks for sharing!

By Manuel

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19-09-2020, 16:19

This computer was discussed in the Radio Amateur Magazine in the Netherlands. I would have to look it up, but I think it was also imported here. But I have never seen one, so I'm not sure. Sales were not large in any case here.

By Bodhi1969

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06-03-2021, 18:00

I´ve read here that its BASIC was quite similar to [url=]TI BASIC[/url].

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