Bluetooth Joystick adapter for MSX?

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By DRomero

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11-07-2019, 23:54

The 2.4g 8Bitdo is indeed a very fine joystick, very little lag too. I went for the Joyzz one because I already had an old 8Bitdo for my Reteopie, but quality seemed poor compared to the Joyzz one.

Moral of story is Bluetooth joysticks sucks for old consoles, when you have to rely on pixel accurate jumps on games and such.

By gdx

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12-07-2019, 02:00

I use a Retro Receiver SNES with a JoySNES and an original SNES controller or sometime a PS3 controller for the analog stick. I not noticed lag but I am not an expert gamer.

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