Buildin MSX-DOS2 PCB Interest Check.

By luppie

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07-08-2008, 16:19


I have made some scematics and a PCB design based on the instruction of the document from Bas Kornalijnslijper to build MSX-DOS2 in a NMS8250/55/80 that I found on Hans Otten's website.
(incl. the Correction by Emil Sokolowski)

Document :

The idea was to create a PCB that is small and single sided so it will fit on top of the original ROM. So after assembling the parts on the PCB, you have to solder the old ROM on the bottom of the PCB and place it back in the socket. You also need 4 (or 5) wires to make some connections to the mainboard (and to the switch, if you want to be able to switch it on or of)

This is the scematic :

En this is the PCB from this scematic.

I informed @ futurelec what it will cost to produce this PCB an if I have a minimum of 5 PCB's the price will be 5,- euro
So if there are people that want to give this a try please let me know (in this topic or see my profile for my mail address)

I'm willing to send it to you for 5,- euro incl. shipping to the Netherlands, for all other countries please mail me and I'll check what extra cost it will be to ship it to you.
Please note, this price is only for the PCB and does not include the needed parts.

I will place the order on Wednesday August 20th, so please reply for this date.

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By dhau

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08-08-2008, 07:35

Hi luppie, why do you need built-in MSXDOS2? It comes bundled with SunRise IDE and Padial SCSI. Or is the idea to have folders while still using floppy disks only?

By luppie

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08-08-2008, 11:12

I'm also working on the MMC interface, so it came to me that if you use big disk images msx-dos2 would be great (and I have lots of spare time Tongue )

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