Carnivore 2 and Kings Valley 2 disk save

By wbahnassi

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14-02-2020, 16:25

I'm trying to save/load KV2 stages to CF card by running the game with Carni2. It's giving me trouble.

The machine is an Arabic AX-170 (MSX1 no drives). KV2 MSX1 ROM added to Carni2 through c2man40. The profile for the game automatically enables IDE since I see the Sunrise stuff during boot of the game, and inside the game it recognizes the availability of disk drive.
However, attempting to save causes an immediate restart of the machine. Attempting to load hangs the game forever.
The CF card has its first partition on FAT12 (16MB) and has available space. Sunrise is actually only mapping this partition to drive A. Other partitions aren't mapped automatically.

Is there a special profile for KV2 that allows it to work with IDE properly? Any ideas what I can try or what I am doing wrong?


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By Alexey

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14-02-2020, 20:34

From my own experience I know that disk saving only works when you have a physical or emulated 720kb disk drive. It doesn't work with large drives based on CF/SD cards. Please correct me if I am wrong.

By sd_snatcher

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14-02-2020, 21:42

The majority of Konami games with disk support work fine on mass storage, as long as you load/execute them after the system was booted. But IIRC, Nextor had a bug that caused these games to fail disk access. They work fine on MSX-DOS2.

King's Valley MSX1 indeed had a bug on mass storage support even on DOS2. I fixed it in the enhancement patch I released here.

By Gig71

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14-02-2020, 21:45

If I remember well, the patched version works let you save on hard disk.
do a search here king's valley patch !

By Louthrax

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14-02-2020, 21:52

You can try SofaRun, that launches ROMs on top on installed Nextor, it could work...

By wbahnassi

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15-02-2020, 04:35

Alright, I tried with a 720K partition and while it fixed the machine reboot, it caused a hang now instead Big smile
I wanted originally to play the unmodified version of KV21 but since sd_snatcher had to actually fix the game in order for it to save properly then there's no point in trying further. I'll use the patch instead.

Now two other questions spawned while I was trying out this stuff.

Question one: The profile C2MAN is creating for the game activates the IDE. Say for an MSX machine with a real drive I want to disable IDE so I can use the real drive, how can I modify the entry registers in C2MAN to do so? Is there documentation for this somewhere? Or maybe a good RCP file for it?

Question two (becoming a bit out of topic of this thread): I noticed the latest IDE driver in C2 isn't using the latest Konamiman 2.1.0.beta Nextor bits since his page describes some new stuff not supported on current C2. E.g. new FDISK capabilities and the active bit partition table mark instead of nextor.dat. Are there plans to move C2 to use this update?


By sdsnatcher73

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15-02-2020, 06:41

You can already flash the Sunrise IDE variant from Nextor 2.1.0 beta 2. I’ve been using it for a while, I have not tried the newer (but not marked ‘stable’ yet) RC1.