Casio MX101 replacement for 4416 RAM?

By Argon

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13-02-2018, 12:42


I have a Casio MX101 with defective RAM (one of the RAM DIPs gets too hot to touch).
However, I don't have any 4416 DIPs.

I saw this Commodore 16 mod where 4416 is replaced with 4464:

Would something similar also be possible with the MX101?

Any other suggestions?
Maybe someone has some 4416 for sale?


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By jltursan

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13-02-2018, 20:06

Absolutely, you don't need anything special, they're drop-in replacements.

By Argon

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14-02-2018, 11:26

Okay, thank you Smile

So if 4464 will work, then 41464 should also work, right?


By Nprod

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17-02-2018, 14:19

I'm in the middle of doing the same for a Sanyo machine that uses 4116s and there's some modification needed to make it work with 4164s. Are you sure they are 4416 instead of 4116s?

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