checking interest in MP3 cartridge

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By Robby

Master (162)

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11-04-2017, 14:00

Also interested in 2 pieces. I will put my order on msx-shop, as soon as registration is possible.


By edoz

Prophet (2122)

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11-04-2017, 18:28

Please count me in +1 for me if it is compatible with the current MP3 device from Sunrise, which is I/O based.

By marcoo

Expert (97)

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11-04-2017, 21:29

count me in for 1 too

By OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1232)

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11-04-2017, 21:58

Status update

the cart is I/O based like the Sunrise cart
the cart is update-able through USB-DFU (!) just like the UMJA mouse for MSX (see MSX-Shop )
The first 10 carts will (hopefully) be ready to ship at the beginning of begin July

By st1mpy

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11-04-2017, 22:54

is it exactly the same design as the sunrise one?

By -Neo-

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12-04-2017, 00:38


The first 10 carts will (hopefully) be ready to ship at the beginning of begin July

Will the first 10 that have shown interest get the first oppertunity to buy the first 10 carts?

By roadfighter

Champion (378)

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12-04-2017, 06:18

Count me in for a cartridge Smile
And there is interest in more then 10 cartridges, so are there only 10 made at first or maybe there could be made 20 ? And the cartridge would work under Symbos directly like the sunrise mp3 will? no need for re writing stuff like drivers and so?

By Latok

msx guru (3626)

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12-04-2017, 17:47

I also would like to order this MP3 cartridge Smile

By OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1232)

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12-04-2017, 17:53

more will be made but parts need to be ordered....and that takes time
after some debate 3 carts will be made..

1 mp3 plus mini radio for 55 euro
2 cart with radio only 50 euro
3 cart with mp3 only 50 euro

the first 10 who committed here will get it first the rest will get it after parts have arrived
please remember this was originally just a check in interest...
things are going quickly now and we are/were unprepared

By hamlet

Scribe (2230)

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12-04-2017, 18:21

Commited the full stuff.

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