CIEL Expert-Turbo - cassette interface?

By pgimeno

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19-04-2020, 20:14

We've been discussing on IRC the removal of the cassette interface from the OpenMSX machine specification, on the grounds that it doesn't have a CLOAD/CSAVE command and that "CAS:" is not a valid filename for LOAD, SAVE, BLOAD, BSAVE or RUN.

Does anyone know if this board contains a tape interface? A quick look at the schematics suggests that it doesn't, but I may have missed it.

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By iamweasel2

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19-04-2020, 23:40

I believe the BIOS routines that deal with cassette were removed to make space for the _turboon / _turboff calls. But since it uses the same analogic board used in Expert 1, it should work with cassettes. Anyway, I never tested it, but I think you can make the test by loading a BIOS with cassette routines in RAM and use it.