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By hamlet

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19-05-2017, 09:11

I would prefer to use a Sony 201 as MegaDrive pad!

By Louthrax

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19-05-2017, 10:47

ARTRAG wrote:

I will try a mod of a sega gamepad...

I recommend the HyperKin MegaDrive pad:
Really good quality for a fair price (avoid the $3 Chinese MegaDrive pads, they are really crappy). Just add a small JoyMega adapter on it, and enjoy Maze of Galious, Metal Gear and other games from your sofa! (you can also buy JoyMega adapters on eBay, but as you have retrieved your soldering iron, that's not too hard to do by yourself :)).


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19-05-2017, 16:23

Great site, thanks

By Wild_Penguin

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23-05-2017, 20:19


I took some photos of the Competition PRO joystick while I made the second button modification. It is very straightforward, as the cord already contained all required leads (and I even think there was some heat shrink tubing on the lead ends). But I see that is already covered =).

I was also supposed to do a mini review but never did since of time constraints. But I do want to tell my main finding, which is in line with ARTRAGs; These joysticks are way too stiff for anything else than sports gaming (which require repeated movements left<->right etc.). The Competition Pro's back in the 80s had suction cups and were slightly more easily actuated. These differences make these joysticks useless for anything requiring good reaction times and / or precise movements (which means 90% of games).

EDIT: I can confirm, that the GN6 is an excellent choice for MSX gaming - with the Joymega adapter!


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24-05-2017, 10:04

Same findings here about the Competition Pro. Due to the stiffness of the stick it results not very ergonomic, and in the end not accurate enough for my tastes. Moreover the noise the switches do is too loud and, in the long, annoying.

By Manuel

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24-05-2017, 13:36

Is it similar to the The Arcade joysticks? I'm very familiar with those. But I never really liked to play with joystick.

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