compose video output to HDMI monitor

By Visualedu

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30-03-2020, 19:43

Hi, I have a MSX mitsubishi ml-g1. It has compose video output (and analog sound)

If I want to connect it to an HDMI monitor, ¿could I use an 'RCA to HDMI' conversor?


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By djh1697

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30-03-2020, 20:12

yes it would work, but what would the point be? you will still have the same resolution on your screen? If anything on a larger screen, the limitations of the MSX graphics. Penguin Adventure was difficult to play on my 55" TV, so i safely play it on a 32" screen

By Visualedu

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30-03-2020, 21:39

Well!, I have a 27" monitor with HDMI input, I suppose it will look ok Smile
Thanks djh1697

By hamlet

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30-03-2020, 23:42

Of course a framemeister is some sort of overpowered and a oscc will do a better job.
As far as I know this adapter will work but will not be the best choise. There will be a lack of quality, well, but I would spend the 16 Euros and give it a try.

By Grauw

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31-03-2020, 00:21

It seems the ML-G1 has an RGB output, I would recommend to use that rather than composite video. For the best quality use the OSSC converter, but even with a cheap Chinese SCART->HDMI converter RGB will produce a much better picture than composite video will.

For computers with only composite video output (many MSX1s) one can consider the RetroTINK.

By Emphy

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31-03-2020, 03:47

Another alternative for rgb output would be the retrotink2x-scart.

Aside from image quality, display lag could be another consideration. As I understand it, any of the cheap converters will add to it, while the ossc and retrotink are essentially zero-added-lag solutions. Depending on personal preference, lag could either be no problem or a deal breaker.

By wbahnassi

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31-03-2020, 14:20

I have that same mini composite-hdmi converter (white box). It works fine on my MSX1 AX-170 (non-RGB version). Connected it to my Toshiba 46" TV and the image looks really nice actually. It has some minor artifacts (tiny zigzag pattern). You can see it in action here.
I'm now connecting it to an Acer Predator monitor and the quality looks a bit worse than the Toshiba (that TV picture quality is just great anyways).
On both screens I get virtually 0-lag though. It's definitely no more than one frame behind. I play all fast paced games without any trouble (Zanac, Nemesis, Penguin, Knightmare).

I also tried the same convertor on my brother's MSX2 AX-350, and that one gave a pretty bad picture. Colors were over-saturated and pixels were distorted to the point you can barely make out the text in BASIC.

Oh, and I tried this on my brother's Samsung TV, and that one was unable to even identify the signal from the converter (out of range).

So, from personal experience, my conclusion is that it's a cheap gamble. There are many factors involved in order for it to work. And the picture quality also depends on your MSX's composite circuit quality. I think I'm lucky to get very decent results with it on the AX-170. Compared to OSSC, the price is nothing. OSSC gives you fantastic picture (too clean for my liking) and true 0 lag, but you'll fork out over 200$ between the device and the cables involved, which is the price of an MSX machine by itself. I'd say unless you're a pixel-perfect guy, give this puny little converter a try, you might be lucky, but don't be angry if it doesn't work :)