Connecting Gouda slot expander on Toshiba HX-10

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By Louthrax

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23-03-2019, 14:20

GDX I followed you guide, thanks for creating it Smile

Lots of tedious cutting and soldering...

But it worked !

The slot 3 on the HX-10 is not expanded, so you can use a MFR or Carnivore device on it:

Just need to find a nice little casing now.

Also, I did not had to make any modification to have the sound working (SCC sounds from the Carnivore are working). Maybe that was fixed on later versions of the HX-10 board?

By Wild_Penguin

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25-03-2019, 07:20

Louthrax: which version of the HX-10 is that again?

I've confirmed that at least my HX-10SF definitely has audio input from the expansion port at the back.

Also, in case someone needs these kind of adapters where the slot will be crimped straight into the flat cable - I've got some extra connectors. Needed some and in the end ordered a lot of 10. They are not mechanically as durable as one on a PCB, as the pull (when extracting modules) will be straight on the cable. It will last quite some time if you are carefull, but in case you need to frequently insert and extract cartridges, I would recommend doing it with a PCB like Louthrax did here. Perfectly fine for running a mass media, or a sound cartridge (which does not need to be frequently pulled off!).

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