Connecting a USB keyboard to One Chip MSX

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By zett

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25-10-2018, 22:59

hmmm is a nice small keyboard hopefull it works on the sx-1

By hamlet

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25-10-2018, 23:19

This one looks very nice! Good choice, hope it works with the SX-1.
I'm more lucky with older USB keyboards. They need to talk the PS/2 protocol or you need to buy a (expensive) active USB to PS/2 converter. But, you have to test it. None of my modern USB keyboards work with the Zemmix Neo or the SX-1. Even some older PS/2 keyboards (those that need to much ampere) work proper. For example a Model M from 1991 does not work, but a Cherry USB from 2001 do. No need for that cheap USB-PS/2 converter, they are useless. You will need a active one. I bought this model, which made me happy.

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