Curiosity about the Music Module

By Ivan

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31-12-2003, 17:01

A picture of the Philips Music Module at Microsoft's website:

It says that the Music Module was designed by Lyndsay Williams (now a researcher at Microsoft Research Cambridge UK).

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By anonymous

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31-12-2003, 21:23


By BiFi

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01-01-2004, 13:39

It's strange there is no reference of it being MSX hardware.

By cax

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01-01-2004, 14:11

"From 1984-1990 Williams was a design consultant for Richard Watts Associates, Leighton Buzzard, UK, designing soundcards for Commodore, Atari, MSX computers, et al, and rather than design yet another different soundcard for another computer decided to design a soundcard for the IBM PC as this was becoming a standard for personal computers."

"Philips MSX Soundcard designed by Williams in 1986 for Philips and Music Sales. Its features included Yamaha OPL-1 FM Synthesis, sound sampling, and MIDI."

MSX is mentioned, so what's the problem with it ?

By BiFi

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01-01-2004, 14:36

Must have read over that earlier. You're right. It is mentioned.

By Latok

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01-01-2004, 14:55

Naaa, they read BiFi his reply and altered the article Wink

By Sander

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02-01-2004, 15:53

The article also mentioned that a photo was provided by Richard Atkinson. Sounds familiar?

By Argon

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02-01-2004, 15:58

Naaa, they read BiFi his reply and altered the article Wink
Yes, big brother M$ is watching us Tongue