cx5m not detecting sg-05 module.

By OddballNo3

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27-02-2022, 07:25

Hi folks!
I haven't fired up my music computer in a long while. fired it up today and found out that its not seeing the sg05 sound module anymore. I CAN run other programs from the cartridge port, it seems to be located in the module itself. but I really don't know. going to try and just clean the board connections and see if that's all it is. but can anyone recommend a good place to start checking? and maybe a diag flow chart? troubleshooting digital circuits really isn't my forte.. thanks!

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By sdsnatcher73

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27-02-2022, 07:56

Have you tried cleaning the slot on the module and the connector on the computer? It may just be bad connection due to dirt that has accumulated over time.

By Jipe

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27-02-2022, 09:46

before any intervention requiring disassembly try to remove the module and put it back several times it can refresh the contact areas