Data recorder stopped working

By minus_signs

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13-08-2003, 17:02

I booted up my MSX this moring and it would not load my programs anymore! Yesterday it still worked. I already tried cleaning it with alcohol. It didn't help.

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By hap

Paragon (2041)

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13-08-2003, 17:40

We are mourning for the demise of your data recorder. Have a proper funeral and buy another one. Or connect the MSX to your PC or HiFi system.

By snout

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13-08-2003, 18:57

That's a bold statement to make on a website dedicated to MSX. Smile

By Argon

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13-08-2003, 19:04

i recommend binning the msx and buying a c64 cheap on's the only way to go Tongue

You're gonna get a ban if you continue like that Tongue

By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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13-08-2003, 19:05

The dutch have a great saying for this: Wat een muppet!

By Sander

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13-08-2003, 19:24