DIN-SCART/RGB cable Philips MSX VG-8020 PAL

By mjnman

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08-02-2018, 09:16

Hi guys,
I spent many time to build tha correct DIN to SCART/RGB cable for Philips MSX VG-8020/20 PAL (QWERTY keyboard layout).
At the end my working cable is:

3 -> 6 (Audio IN left)
5 -> 20 (CVBS/video in)
2 -> 4,17 (Audio and Video ground)
6 -> 8 (Status CVBS +12V) - Used for auto select tha AV channel on TV.

The image and sound is very good Nishi
Now I'm happy!!! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

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By bas.alicante

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16-02-2019, 17:45

I used this and it worked! ;-) Cheers!

By Hans41

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17-02-2019, 11:27

Don't want to be disrespectful, but this has nothing to do with RGB output.

It's basically video + ground and audio + ground to scart. You won't get better picture quality than the original monitor cable that came with the vg-8020 (DIN to RCA video and RCA audio).

Or did that monitor cable come with certain Philips monitors ? Can't remember, to be honest. oO

But, if it helps you with your setup, that's nice.


By bas.alicante

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17-02-2019, 12:52

I needed to make a cable from scratch and had no example, so this post came in handy. But yeah, I guess it's technically composite and not RGB ;-)