Doubt with SDMMR cartridge using externa game with

By Ogutierr

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12-03-2023, 17:43

Hi all,
I'm new here in the forum but not new owning a MSX Smile
I have a Philips 8020 since 1988 (aprox) with seveal cassettes and cartridges, but only one compatible with SCC music (F1 spirit)
Recently I bought a cartridge which can execute several old roms, .cas and .dsk and it's possible to indicate if we have a SCC cartridge in the slot 2 in order to use the chip.
I put the F1 cartridge, with tape in pin 13 in order to avoid the auto start of the game, and then I can select the slot and "extrnal SCC" as an option.
All, well...almost all, the roms compatible with SCC chip works as requested but not the F1 spirit rom. It sounds as if it fault some channel.
Maybe the reason is because the original cartridge is doing the funcion of the external SCC cartridge? It's strange, because nemesis, salamander, kings valley roms, etc... are working fine.
I'm trying to avoid the modification of my original cartridge with electrical components and maybe that's the reason?
I hope I can find a solution or, at least, an explanation.
thanks in advance.

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