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By luppie

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28-07-2008, 16:32


On ebay sometimes I see MSX2 computers with a 'Fast DiskRom' I wonder, is this an adjusted MSX2 DiskRom or is this the MSX2+ DiskRom ?
I have the possibility to program my own eprom's and als have the 2+ rom files, so if the fast diskrom is the 2+ rom I can try this out on my NMS8255, if it is not the 2+ rom, but an adjusted MSX2 Diskrom then I would like to know were I can find the Rom files to do this adjustment.

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By Erikie

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28-07-2008, 19:11

Hi Luppie,

if you get or find this fast diskrom I would like to have a copy too Smile


By SLotman

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28-07-2008, 19:40

Fast! Diskrom was made by Adriano, for Brazilian floppy interfaces. It has nothing to do with internal MSX Roms.

The description on the site: "a new ROM for port-based FDCs (write the file to cartridge EPROM), fast, with new features and fully DOS2 compliant (in portuguese)"

You can get the EPROM file here

By Manuel

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28-07-2008, 19:57

SLotman: hehe, I don't think he means Fast! Diskrom. Since a long time there have been adjusted EPROMs in the Netherlands with a faster diskROM than usual. In my own Sony HB-G900P, for instance, there's a modified NMS 8245 diskROM, which is much faster than the standard Sony diskROM.

If someone's interested, I guess I could dump it, so that you can study it.

By Jipe

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28-07-2008, 21:16

don't use the Sony Disk eprom in a Philips because is not the same
exist a special eprom for HB700 and Fast disk V1.08 for 8250 55 80
i have file if you want

By msd

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28-07-2008, 22:29

there's a modified NMS 8245 diskROM? It is faster by default than a sony

By luppie

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29-07-2008, 14:28

Jipe i've send you an email for the files.
Can you please mail me on msx (@)

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