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18-12-2003, 19:08

Hi, I have a Daewo MSX2 that came with a 51/4 360K drive and the drive is broken.
I'd like to change to a 31/2 drive, can I use a 1.44 PC drive or do I have to get a 720K drive ? Is the cable the same? Do you know/have a description of the cable or instructions to build a drive for my MSX2 using a PC drive?
Thanks a lot for your help!

By Argon

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18-12-2003, 19:29


A Daewoo MSX2 ?
Great item man, that is a very rare machine Smile


By crisis13

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19-12-2003, 17:40

Probably you have to get a 720.
I recenly screwed my drive and the replacement, a 144 gives a 'drive offline' error while the drive functions well on my PC.
So my own next question is
"how to fool msx-dos with a 144 floppy drive"
Basicly a 144 gives more info and maybe on a wire wich was used different or with a trick.
Like the firts B: drives where only accepted by the machine becouse they splitted the drive cable and ROTATED 7 wires from say 10-17 in 17-10.Which is a hardware trick!!

So if some one knows a trick to make believe a convinced 720k drive computer that a 144 is a 720 and not a problem, we are very happy.

By mars2000you

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19-12-2003, 17:54

You shoud find the answer on this page (in the section Floppy drives) :


By crisis13

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20-12-2003, 18:28

You should find the answer on this page (in the section Floppy drives) :


YES indeed! !!! ! ! ! ! !

Found the lot but didnt read yet.
I think there is a double entry, could not finfg an email adress.
the 2 last off the floppydriver part are double.
bytheway, sites with adobe (adobe 6 )often get stuck easyly i think/have it!! i mean. I do download and not open but almost any time eg at 'hansvan oranje' but other to , it just blocks, some time even with my mouse.
well i go continue download were i got stuck yesterday, my philips nms8250.

thanks a lot!!

i just read driver.htm and it sounds like realy making a WRAPtail out of my cable.
So "creative with computer cable" sounds like fun.

By mars2000you

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20-12-2003, 18:53

The main entry for this site is :


The entry for the MSX part :


By this way, you'll discover all the parts of this great MSX site ... and the author's e-mail. :D

By smatir2002

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23-09-2009, 15:49

I have a strange problem.
My Floppy drive works with disks, but recently do not recognize its prior disks and disks formatted with other machines. when my device formats a floppy, it won't be recognized by other machines.
may some one please help me?

By wolf_

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23-09-2009, 16:02

smatir2002: create a new topic with this question, don't bump each stone-age thread about disks like you just did.