Floppy drive for Canon V20?

By CyberMaid

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07-03-2005, 14:15

I just bought some games off ebay that i really wanted, but they are on floppys.

I know i need a floppy drive for that but i'm kind of a noob, i don't know where to get one or if they even exist.
Could i just get any floppy drive or do i need a specific Canon one?


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By Guillian

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07-03-2005, 14:58

It should be ok with any MSX floppy drive + cartridge interface. But probably it would be better and cheaper to get a MSX2 with a built-in disk drive.

By CyberMaid

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09-03-2005, 06:24

I've been looking on ebay and other auction sites but i can't find any floppy drives.
I'll look for a MSX2 with disk drive.

Any guys here from The Netherlands selling one? Wink