Function key option on Victor HC-90/95

By mars2000you

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23-02-2018, 18:17

Does someone know what is exactly this function key option on these computers?

By checking the firmware rom, I've found these 'instructions': SON - SUPER0 - SUPER1 - SUPER2 - SUPER3 - SUPER4 - SUPER6

Does it correspond to this function key option and is it related to the function keys F1 to F7 whose the standard content in MSX-BASIC should be overrided?

What's the effect of these 'instructions"'?

I need all these infos to complete the Wiki about these machines!

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By zeilemaker54

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23-02-2018, 18:35

I have posted this already in an onder topic:
superimposing can be controlled directly with the functionkeys (without using basic statements):

CTRL+F1 = display superimpose, audio is mixed
CTRL+F2 = display television, audio is mixed
CTRL+F3 = display computer, audio is NOT mixed
CTRL+F4 = display superimpose, color 0 is not transparant, audio is mixed
CTRL+F5 = display superimpose, half brightness, audio is mixed
CTRL+SHIFT+F1 = select RGB video input
CTRL+SHIFT+F2 = select BNC video input

Source can also be viewed here

By mars2000you

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23-02-2018, 18:40

Thanks! Smile

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