Gotek Floppy Emulator on HB-F1XDJ or HB-F1XV

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By sdsnatcher73

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08-07-2021, 17:51

GR8NET is of course gr8 Wink it’s use is a bit more pro level and users can get lost in the amount of functionality this cartridge offers. You are new to MSX, the MSX you got already has onboard FM and relatively clean audio circuits. My honest suggestion would be to start with buying an MFR SCC+ SD (go for the model with 512kB because your MSX only has 64kB unless it was upgraded, also 1 SD slot is mostly sufficient). It is (relatively) simple to use and once you get SofaRun installed you will be able to play probably 80% (or more) of all games. For the disk games that don’t run under emulated disk (aka SofaRunIt) you can write those games to floppy and play them without problem. A next step could be a RookieDrive for full disk emulation (it does more but if you already have MFR that would be it’s added value). An alternative to the MFR could be a Carnivore2 cartridge. It has more functionality (built in FM) that is not really needed for your MSX. It also always boots into it’s own boot menu and not straight into Nextor (aka DOS). But still a great cartridge for new users.

By Meits

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08-07-2021, 19:56

If you spend loads of time/money into placing cogs on places they're not supposed to be and find a way to callibrate them... well yeah, you can turn it into a direct drive fdd...
If europe is overseas for you, and you happen to have bought the computer from Daniel from Spain... then he just replaced the drive. He's very good at them Smile

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