how can i format disks?

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By msx fan finland

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18-08-2012, 14:16

i have a 1.44 mb disks and for msx i need to format them 720 kb..

My a: floppy drive does not support 720 format command

what i can do ?

i use win XP

thse are already done :

format a:/F:720 - does not work

format A: /t:80 /n:9 - does not work

format a: / f: 720 / c - does not work


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By Meits

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18-08-2012, 14:32

Format the disk in your MSX... If that doesn't work, close the HD hole (not the one with the little slider in it).

By MSXArnhem

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18-08-2012, 15:33

I encountered the same problem. Maybe you find some help here.

By SkyeWelse

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18-08-2012, 18:13


Format the disk in your MSX... If that doesn't work, close the HD hole (not the one with the little slider in it).

Yep, what Melts suggested should fix your problem. One thing of note though that I found particularly helpful in my case was that you may wish to tape something of a dark solid color (black marker over a small piece paper perhaps) and tape it over the hole, but just try to keep the work as flat and thin as you can so that the disk can still be inserted and ejected with ease. Also, in my case, using an internal floppy drive and disk manager (I believe that was the name of the program) was a lot more successful than a external floppy drive.


By Akiguchi

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19-08-2012, 09:07

Mika: Yes, you need some black tape from Halpa Halli to cover the hole of the HD disk. Wink

By Manuel

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19-08-2012, 09:35

If you have a genuine MSX diskdrive you don't need to cover the HD hole. But of course you can also get yourself some genuine DD disks. I still have plenty in store...

If you can't format the disk in your MSX (with genuine MSX drive), either the disk is broken or the drive is broken. Always format disks for MSX usage on your MSX. Also gives you better throughput on the MSX.


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19-08-2012, 12:33

Place it on the floor and start jumping on it Wink

By msx fan finland

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24-08-2012, 18:39

right thanks... this command: format a: / t:80 /S:9 is working with me.. thanks all of you ...

this problem is solved..


By Serkun123

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14-12-2018, 20:37

Got recently this USB floppy drive:

But it doesn't format correctly in 720k. Used it with Disk-Manager to format it and copy a dsk image of dsk-pro because I want to make a backup of an old Japanese RPG that I got on ebay because the images on the web of this game were not copied correctly and the game is unplayable... I also used under cmd the line format a: /t:80 /n:9 and it didn't work either...

Any ideas? Is the problem the floppy drive? Where can I get one that formats correctly in 720k?
Thanks!!! :) :) :)

By DamnedAngel

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14-12-2018, 20:41

[deleted, since I misread the question and answered a completely different thing]

By Manuel

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15-12-2018, 00:48

Aan I said, why not format on the MSX?

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