how can i format disks?

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By Meits

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15-12-2018, 01:15

You made an image with dsk-pro? Then just write the image to any formatted or unformatted disk. Just take care that which ever system you do that on recognizes the floppy disk as a DD one.
The image file is already a correctly formatted disk.

By Serkun123

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15-12-2018, 10:57

Hi Manuel... Yeah, I formatted using the MSX, but then I cannot copy the disk image on my PC because the floppy drive does not recognize 720k disk format, so I cannot get dsk-pro copied on a floppy disk from my pc to use it on the MSX. I would need a floppy drive that is compatible.

By Serkun123

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15-12-2018, 11:12

Anyone knows where can I get a 720k floppy drive for pc that formats and writes in that format?

By Pencioner

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15-12-2018, 11:41

I have a spare Sony MPF920 floppy drive for PC, which supports 720K (and i actually used it on PC for making disks for MSX, when i had PC, now i have a small tabletop PC where i can't install it, so i don't need it anymore). If interested, drop me email to address from my profile on forum

By rderooy

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16-12-2018, 16:06

It may also be useful to check out this wiki page:


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16-12-2018, 17:45

Try MSXform program from PC.

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