HOW TO Improve MSX SUPER TURBO Performance in MSX2+ HB-F9S & Others . . .

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By Dhampird

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10-11-2011, 05:02

Now, here new tests using NEWM1WAIT signal, thanks to "sd_snatcher" work, this is a brief explanation of the same:

"Comparing with your current circuit, it will be modified as this:

- Disconnect the current connection of the pin-5 of the 74HC32
- Connect the cathode pin of a diode to the pin-6 of the 74HC32
- Connect the anode pin of this diode to the "M1 to Z80 side of the jumper"
- The pin-5 of the 74HC32 will receive the NEWM1WAIT signal described below

The NEWM1WAIT is generated as this: Remember the many slowdown diodes of the SuperTurbo? Create a similar circuit for the NEWM1WAIT. Let's call those "speed-up diodes". They will speed up the machine by disabling the M1 signal generation for whatever source you want. Build it like this:

- Put three diodes in parallel, just like you did on the superturbo. Connect those diodes to the pin-1 of a 22K resistor, like the Superturbo
- Connect that same pin-1 of the 22K resistor to the pin-3 of the SuperTurbo's 74HC04. (you must disconnect if from GND, off course)
- Connect the pin-2 of the 22K resistor to +5V.

- The output of the pin-4 of the 74HC04 is your NEWM1WAIT signal. As said before, connect it to the pin-5 of the 74HC32
- Connect the signals MainRAM_CS, BIOS_CS and SubROM_CS to each of the diodes above.
- If you want to speed up more chips you can just add more diodes to the circuit. I don't think that this is needed for now.

Using the above circuit your machine probably will be able to go:

- 10MHz while still supporting the Syncfox SD interface on the fast-slot
- 14MHz if you have a faster disk interface, like an IDE.

With the turbo enabled, your machine will automatically select between three speeds:

1) While running a game on the slow-slot, probably your machine will have a performance similar to the Panasonic WSX 5.37MHz
2) While running a game on the fast-slot, your machine will have a performance to a 9MHz machine
3) While running a game on the RAM, your machine will have the fastest possible performance

On the other hand, with the turbo disabled your machine will have the basic MSX 3.57MHz speed."

New M1WAIT tests (thanks to sd_snatcher) based in this new diagram:

Also, to understand better the tests here is the new slowdown jumpers config installed:

-I dont know really what exactly position is in the switch now with the M1-wait_switch Enable or Disable, then i´ll try explain the tests like: Switch Position +5V (+) or Switch Position GND (-). Anyways i could not see any difference between + or - positions, only tell that when Turbo is OFF more "mini glicthes" -maybe due to version games- (you could see 2 videos below) appear on screen.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 Mhz -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


-Msx boot OK, Turbo ON = Corruption Logo
-In basic or Msx-Dos there is no differences with M1switch in + or - positions.
-MMC/Sinfox runs OK
-LP MMC V7, sometimes works due related problem above. Seems works ok in lastest tests i made (method hold by hand)
-There is no differences between + or - positions of the switch, i made a lot of tests in games, changing swith positions in-gaming, with msx on, and also changing positions with msx off first, combinations with Turbo has no effects in screen, maybe there is any differences between + or -, but i think they are invaluable
-Megaflashrom SCC+ M.Pazos in Slot2, sometimes problems in SCC sound, sometimes dissapear scc-i channels for a second or less, even with 3.58Mhz oscilator instaled in cartidge and CLK cartidge signal cut to SLOT2 CLK signal.
-Konami Ultimate Collection (same hardware M.Pazos Megaflashrom) same sound problem with Turbo ON, sometimes lost channels for a second, also this cart have installed 3.58Mhz oscilator, according game loaded sometimes Turbo ON led not blinking.


Seems all works ok, i think i get more background noise sound in all cartidges now, a little more noise different frequency. Problems are in M.Pazos Megaflashrom and Konami Ultimate Collection, that hardware seems have timing problems with this new Turbo feature, i tried 7.68 Mhz for this carts, also 7.37 and 6.50 Mhz and same problem appear. This sound problem is only for games with SCC-I, the PSG game sounds are ok without problem.
I dont see differences between change swith to + or - positions.


TEST 8MHZ / SLOT1 AT 8MHZ, SLOT2 WITH SLOWDOWN METHOD C (slots diagram): turbo-led flickering (according game,led light shines with high or low intensity)

-Sinfox (slot1) & Snatcher Konami SCC+(slot2):

1)Works OK with Turbo ON running .DSK game from Sinfox in Slot1
2)No problems in sound from Snatcher Konami SCC+ (with oscilator) tell that the cart have CLK signals separate, and CPU_CLK-IN is conected directly to CLK SLOT 2.
3) No differences between + or -

-Konami Ultimate Collection (slot2):

1)No problems in sound, Turbo ON speed in-gaming no responses because slot2 is slowdown (3.58Mhz)

-Konami Original F1-Spirit (slot2):

1)Game works ok, this is a good example about that rare glicth line that appear in some games, in this case the "defect line" appear near OK selection menu (take a look to this ) this effect happen with cart in slot2 slowdown, with Turbo ON or OFF and change position + or -, i tried a lot of combinations and allways is visible, in other games appear in other place of screen, is a very fast line glicth that appear, that i told in mails before. In this case, if Turbo is ON i c an see blink a lot the Turbo led, but but little glowing LED, low intensity light on it.


TEST 8MHZ / SLOT1 AT 8MHZ, SLOT2 WITH SLOWDOWN METHOD B (slots diagram): turbo-led flickering: (according game,led light shines with high or low intensity)

-Konami Original F1-Spirit + Megaflashrom SCC M.Pazos + Konami Ultimate Collection ALL IN SLOT2:

1)Games works ok, also appear the "defect line" only in F1-Spirit Original (maybe a konami problem original game, because in Megaflash and Ultimate this effect dont appear in the game, that "defect line" also appear in games like gradius2 turbo-fixed version and others games, maybe this could be fix by software or is due to turbo patches), Turbo ON or OFF and switch in + or - dont be none effect, speed not increase when Turbo is ON, important tell with this method sound in SCC is correct.


TEST 8MHZ / SLOT1 AT 8MHZ, SLOT2 WITH SLOWDOWN METHOD A (slots diagram): (Turbo led always ON, high intensity and no flickering)

-Konami Original F1-Spirit + Megaflashrom SCC M.Pazos + Konami Ultimate Collection ALL IN SLOT2:

1)Games works ok, + or - makes no differences, when Turbo is ON speed increases in games, but now again the sound problem SCC-I appear dor Megaflashrom SCC-I and Konami Ultimate Collection, both with oscilator fix, again seems like timing problems in sound. For F1-Spirit original (without oscilator) no problems in SCC, also this game dont respond toTurbo ON (is normal i think) and the rare effect in screen "defect line" dont appear now, the Turbo ON, OFF or + or - dont be none effect, seems like with this game on this configuration the strange effect dont appear.


This is strange because i did a lot of tests with Megaflash and Konami Ultimate from Manuel Pazos and after install the oscilator i get good results for SCC-I sound if i only had M1 WAIT jumper removed, if i´m right, this new mod in turbo, it seems like something in this new M1WAIT config... could be the cause? The switch + or - positions dont show any difference of speed or glitches on screen, maybe in some games like patched version gradius, if turbo is not ON some deffects appear in screen, like happen with previous f1-spirit video, now you could see here how gradius2 patched version works when Turbo is OFF (this still happen in all M1WAIT proto circuits versions that we tried until now, most pronunciated for Gradius2, in other games only we can see effect line like F1-Spirit, maybe are the cartidges) Gradius2 example, please pay attention at time 00:53 and look up in green scenario.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 Mhz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


-Msx boot OK at 3.58Mhz, Turbo ON = Corruption Logo

1) After sinfox loaded msx-dos (Turbo OFF) i put Turbo ON, then the Sinfox hangs, no happen like previous test ( pause mode with Turbo), no differences with + or - positions. SOMETIMES the Sinfox run at 10Mhz after msx-dos is loaded, i mean that when Turbo is ON and i tried a DIR command for example the command dont make its work and show me in screen rare symbols and not dir reading files, after that, i press Turbo OFF and then sinfox not hangs, and goes to normal state, but the rare symbols still appear in screen instead a normal command DIR, this last test happen with only sinfox in slot1, none cart placed for slot2
2) Once a game is loaded with SInfox at 3.58Mhz, in this case Metal Gear 2 (using Diskman sinfox tool), after that i put Turbo ON, then, if the game was loaded, the Sinfox no hangs but the game runs at 10Mhz, problem is that when Turbo is ON, artifacts appear into screen, a lot of square graphics appeared. Important tell that if i put Turbo OFF the artifacts stills be in screen, but if i go with solid snake into another new screen scenario the artifacts has gone, sometimes after Turbo OFF still remaining some little defects, maybe one , not 40 squares artifacts like happen when Turbo is ON. I could test that the 10Mhz speed is a loooootttt of speed, i used unpatched Metal Gear 2 version for this test:

3) The + or - positions makes no differences at all, neither with that square artifacts.
4) Important tell that when Turbo is ON seems like SCC sinfox music works ok in game, but maybe have some tune differences, i think
5) if i running game from SInfox but i get SCC Sound from Slot2 with LPE-SANS, when Turbo is ON i can hear a big distorsion in sound, sounds like farts

1)After game is loaded, if i put Turbo ON in-game the game hangs.



1)After MMC V7 LPE loaded msx-dos (Turbo OFF) i put Turbo ON, then the msx hangs, no differences with + or - positions.
2)If i load a game when Turbo is OFF, when game is loaded i press Turbo ON, then the game hangs.
3) If i reset the msx when Turbo is ON and i have a game preconfigured into the MMC V7 (in this case F4 register is configured to avoid msx boot logo once first boot happen) then the game runs like in Sinfox 10Mhz video above, with same square artifacts and problems with sound even using LPE-SANS in slowdown slot2.


-Theseus loaded with execrom runs perfect at 10Mhz, with ¨"ice problem" effect in character appear but runs very fast. The new switch + or - no makes any difference, result:


-With 8Mhz seems ok better but I had problems with the sound using M.Pazos Hardware, Megaflashrom & Ultimate like i said, if i´m right the correct configuration where that cartidges sounded ok was with only M1 WAIT jumper, enable or disable with switch, without any logic.

-It seems like 10 mhz could work in MMC V7 PADIAL or SINFOX, but much glitches appear and there is new sound problems like video shows.

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