I just wracked my FD - what could i do?

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By Grauw

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13-01-2018, 00:17

Thanks for the tips wyrdwad. I guess the state of the platter also has something to do with the storage conditions?

By Pencioner

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13-01-2018, 00:59

Grauw wrote:

Thanks for the tips wyrdwad. I guess the state of the platter also has something to do with the storage conditions?

I'm not sure because the box and manual inside in a good state, sticker on floppy too, it don't seem to have any humidity impact neither any overheat.

By wyrdwad

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13-01-2018, 04:22

gdx: It may not be necessary, but there's something charming about playing a game off of floppy disk -- something you don't get when you use an SD card or something instead. Authenticity has nostalgia value, I guess. Wink

Grauw and Pencioner: I have numerous games where the box, manual, and disk labels look great, but the disk platters are moldy. I think it all comes down to storage indeed. A lot of people (myself included, in a lot of cases) remove the disks from the game boxes and store them separately, and if you don't store the disk in a proper disk case -- like, if you leave it stacked up somewhere or strewn about on a desk or something -- it's going to get moldy or dirty pretty quickly. Disks should always be kept either in the game box, or in a proper disk storage case, when not in use.


By Pencioner

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13-01-2018, 12:08

Anybody who is aware, please confirm:
Thewe is a lot of how-to for replacing FDD in Sanyo Wavy PHC-70FD - and also there is those Gotek FDD emulators, which designated to replace the PC floppy drives - does those two facts combine into that it should be easy to replace Sanyo's floppy drive with Gotek using that how-to's for PC drives?

By gdx

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14-01-2018, 10:33

You must make an adapter. The pinout of Sanyo Wavy PHC-70FD drive is here :

By Pencioner

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14-01-2018, 11:52

Thanks @gdx that's what i thought about. And thanks for updating the Wiki Smile

By jltursan

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14-01-2018, 18:18

Have you already tried to clean the drive heads?, that problem is very common and I've seen over the years in 5.25 and 3.5 drives. Usually they don't suffer real damage and it's only a matter of clean the oxyde goo accumulated in the head.
As I'm not really confident of cleaning the heads with cotton swabs (the upper head is extremely sensible) I purchased time ago a simple 3.5" cleaning disk, it make wonders without effort.

If this doesn't works, replacement is an option, I've done the same with an Al-Alamiah AX-370 that it's a clone of the Sanyo machine. It involves some work as you need to find a way to fix the drive in the upper half of the case, look for a model that aligns with the bay and eject button and build a converter to separate data lines and voltage ones, this MSX uses a drive that has 5V mixed with the data wires, beware!

By maxis

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15-01-2018, 14:48

Look, the worst which could happen to your FDD heads is that they are snapped off. If they are just dirty, like it was suggested previously then they can be cleaned up easily.
Let's see whether the head sits are broken:
To check this hypothesis try to take out the drive, remove the top cover and find the lever, which is pushed by the floppy being inserted to close the drive "clamp shell". Once you see this lever, put the folded napkin soaked in alcohol between the heads (where your disk normally goes) and press the lever. The disk will close and heads will hold the napkin as a tweezer. Now, very slowly pull the napkin out. As you were pulling the napkin, have the FDD heads moved? If yes, then the heads were snapped off (got stuck to the FD surface and then were sheared off by the disk rotation). Otherwise they are fine and they will work.
Before removing the napkin completely, press the eject button. This way heads will not touch each other.

By Pencioner

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15-01-2018, 14:59

@ maxis
I'm sorry but while i'm nuts because of stupid things i often do more stupid things. I disassembled it the day it happened, and i cleaned up the heads. It helped a bit but the top head was still scratching disks. It was like it get some extra tilt. Then I tried to reposition the top head. I almost did that, first time it went better, i even was able to format disk and read other disk, but there was still some sound and a really small scratches on the just formatted disk... then second time when i unscrew and screw that tricky thing with a spring... i seem to rip off the screw-thread. (sound of thunder comes here...) and of course i'm getting drive errors all the time afte that

So, i don't think there's an easy way to fix the current drive now. I'm sorry. I just disconnected the cable to not scratch any good floppy accidentally. And now only replacement is possible.

Anyway, thank you all for suggestions. Don't blame me too much. And I would likely never buy any old software on floppies anymore, btw... too risky

By hamlet

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15-01-2018, 16:49

Drive killer!
For all those who won´t believe something could happen to them, it happen. Especially when you don´t think it would. I killed a 8280 six month ago while changing a cartridge without sut the system OFF. Why? Because something stupid would never happen to me.
I will bring Philips flagship to Bas.
And you are a bloody drive killer!

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